Tips on How to Choose the Best Feeding Method for Dogs



This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Brenda Leary


The pride of every pet owner lies on the success of raising healthy, happy, and well-behaved pets, and one way of arriving at that is through proper feeding. Poor feeding may lead to dogs getting malnourished, and that can have an undesirable impact on their moods, health, and behaviors.

For instance, dogs may unreasonably get angry when they are underfed, and that can affect their longtime relationship with their owners. The key to effective feeding plan is by ensuring that the food given to a dog is always in the right quantities, quality, and given at the right time.

Besides, it is important to take care of factors such as a dig’s age and breed as they immensely influence the feeding schedule the owner should take.

How Regularly Should You Feed a Dog?

Many dog owners may find themselves at crossroads in an attempt to answer this question. Dogs rarely say no to any food they may be given, and the downside of this behavior is that a pet owner may overfeed a dog, and that is considered a bad feeding approach. Many animal nutrition experts recommend that three meals a day) that follows a well-distributed schedule (morning, midday and evening) can ensure that dogs are kept away from hunger issues that accompany irregular feeding schedules. For pet owners who may prefer this approach, it is advised that the quantity of food served must be kept in check (don’t exceed the normal total recommended daily consumption). If that is not the case, a dog may continually overfeed, and that can lead to health issues such as obesity.

Kind of Nutrients for Your Dogs

Balanced nutrients play an important role in ensuring that a dog gets to have balanced muscle growth, and also develop immunity to allergies. Over/underfeeding on particular nutrients has it health downsides. For instance, a dog overly fed on proteins may have poor muscle growth, and that can lead to an adverse effect on an animal’s health.

So, besides a regularly feeding schedule, pet owners should also be wary of the nutrients that their dogs consume. Trying to work out the best dog food nutrient formula on your own may not yield the best results. You can benefit a lot if you visit certified stores dealing with dog food, and be sure you will get the food that can best serve your dog’s health interests.

Is It Necessary for a Pet Owner to Be Present When a Dog is Feeding? YES

For every type of food you give to your dog, it is advisable you have some idea on how a pet responds to a certain food. If a dog shows dislike for a certain food, then the owner can best adjust by bringing another type of food that can keep the pet eating as required.

Also, if a pet owner steadily follows on the quantity of food that a dog effectively consumes; that can give a path through which food wastes can be minimized since it would be possible to give only amounts of food that dogs can fully consume without leaving unreasonable remains.

Ages and Breeds

For homeowners who have kept many pets under one roof, it is a fact that puppies and mature dogs demonstrate feeding behaviors that greatly differ. For instance, puppies prefer to consume small food quantity though in a long time schedule.
In contrast, mature dogs are comfortable with eating one huge meal portion within a short time span. The same behavior is also observed in different breeds, and the variations are some of the things that must be taken into consideration anytime a feeding plan is to be prepared.

By understanding how frequently your dog feeds depending on its age or breed, then it will be easier for you to adjust based on how regularly you serve the food as well as the quantity.


The tips provided here are not sufficient on their own since they demonstrate strengths and weaknesses as well. Therefore, it is important if the tips are collectively applied if a pet owner intends to raise a healthy dog.

Dogs shouldn’t be allowed to feed on one point simultaneously – they generally do demonstrate aggression when they are feeding. Making many dogs simultaneously feed on one source may, therefore, make them acquire undesirable eating attributes.

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