Photos from Kenobi Kattery and
Selkatz Tonkinese

The Tonkinese has a medium sized body, not cobby and not long.  Aqua eyes.  They sleep in piles.  Wong Mau, the cat that the Tonkinese is traced back to, and first thought of as a Burmese, was actually a Tonkinese with Siamese and Burmese coming from her.  The profile provided by CFA (see Recommended Web Links below), is a couple of years old and the “Wong Mau issue” is now being explored.

  • BREED TYPE:  Man-made (re-creation)
  • BODY TYPE:  Semi-cobby
  • COAT TYPE:  Shorthair
  • SIZE:  Medium
  • TEMPERAMENT:  Loving, sweet, laid back, puppy like, friendly, love everyone.  Lap cats that love to be held.  Like a velcro-cat, they want to be with people all the time.
  • COLORS:  Platinum mink, platinum point, platinum solid, champagne mink, champagne point, champagne solid, blue mink, blue point, blue solid, natural mink, natural point and natural solid.
A special thanks to Jill Selkowitz of Selkatz Tonkinese for her help in this breed sketch.

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