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It seems since the 1980’s the human population has been steadily growing in size (I don’t mean an increase in the number of people, I mean the increase in the size of people), and it seems that dogs are also getting bigger. Many people think that a fat dog is a happy dog. This is simply not true. Many people also believe that just because a dog will eat that he or she is constantly hungry, again this is simply not true. Dogs suffer the same effects from being over weight as humans do. These effects can be joint pain, diabetes, muscle atrophy, poor cardio health, kidney problem and shortness of breath just to name a few. The reality is that obesity in dogs can be prevented 100%. As with most problems with dogs, its the humans that cause the problem with obesity. Dogs don’t go to the store and buy there own food, nor do they feed themselves, humans do.

So, we know how dogs get fat, lets work on how we can get them thin again. The obvious answer is simple, FEED THEM LESS! That’s it. I feed my dogs based on their waist size. My Chihuahua Maggie gets an 1/8th of a cup of food (Orijen Puppy), she weights 7 pounds. When we first found her she weighted 6 pounds and we fed her a 1/4 cup twice a day and she ballooned up to a whopping 8 pounds. Little Maggie was very quickly losing her girlish figure, so we had to step in and help her get her figure back. We dropped her to an 1/8th of a cup and now she maintains her 7 pounds and has a great hourglass figure. Maggie Mayhem

See how Maggie’s waist goes up from her chest? She is in prime condition.

Maggie looking cute

We like Orijen Puppy because it has small kibble and it has the highest amount of glucosamine and chondroitin of all the Orijen food formulas. When we can’t get the Puppy formula, we buy Orijen Adult , it’s basically the same formula only larger kibble and slightly less chondroitin and glucosamine. When we have dogs that have allergies, we use Orijen 6 Fish . The fish formula is grain free as is all Orijen foods, but it is just fish protein. Some dogs are allergic to birds, so feeding them a food that does not have turkey or chicken is important.

Daisy is a 17 pound girl and we feed her Orijen Puppy as well. We fed her a 1/4 cup twice a day and she maintains her hour glass girlish figure


Daisy has her big chest and a small waist, she is looking great. This photo was when she was at her foster Mom’s right before we adopted her.

This is Daisy telling you to feed your dogs the correct amount!

We recently took in Buster a handsome Beagle boy. When we got him he was 50 pounds! He was huge and on a diet of cheap food. Right away he went on Orijen Puppy, and given smaller controlled portions and he lost weight! He is now down to 35 pounds. We give him 1/3 cup twice a day.

Buster has a nice waist now.

Buster is such a handsome boy.

Another way dogs get fat is treats! We feed our dogs healthy natural treats that are naturally low calorie! My dogs get a baby carrot just before they go to bed and they get just as excited as if I was giving them steak! Baby carrots are a lot less calories too. My treats are grain free, contain no sugars and no added colors or cancer causing preservatives. Read labels, I can stress this enough. READ LABELS! Any treat or food with grain, digest, sugar, molasses, color, by products, BHT, BHA, BPA, ethoxyquin, these are ALL BAD!

Here are some low calories healthy treats! Baby carrots, frozen green beans, dehydrated sweet potatoes, romaine lettuce, peas, dehydrated turkey, dehydrated beef, dehydrated pork, I dehydrate all my treats myself.

Lets talk about diet dog food and low calorie dog food that you can buy at the pet food store or from your vets. This type of food is a marketing ploy by dog food companies to make money. The food is no better for your dog than regular food, in fact it may actually be worse as it may contain fillers and additives that your dog does not need. You will find that most “diet” foods are more expensive than regular food. So the pet food companies prey on your feeling bad for over feeding your dog, they don’t tell you to feed less, but buy more expensive, lower quality food to help your dog slim down! What I have found by talking to people buying “diet” food at vets offices, is that the dog doesn’t lose weight, because the humans still over feed them. The vets are making more money and the pet food companies are making a mint!

So do the right thing and just feed your dog less until his or her waist comes back, this can be a little at a time, just like humans. No need to starve your dog, just feed him based on his waist.

We love the Orijen dog food, we think it is the best dry food on the market. If you want to try it please click on the links in this article.

Go here to see Orijen food

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