Top Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs



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savannahGhouls, goblins, and ghosts – oh my! Halloween is a holiday that’s all about getting scared – in a fun way! It’s a light-hearted time of year when you can dress up and become anything you want to be, and you have an excuse for eating lots of candy and sweets. The whole family can get in on the fun – including your pets! In order to avoid any real scares, however, it’s important to practice caution and safety, especially when it comes to your dog. From using an indoor wireless dog fence to keep your dog away from trick-or-treaters, to ensuring the candy bowl is out-of-reach, here are the top Halloween safety tips you should keep in mind this October.

Keep Your Dog Contained

Many dogs are excited by visitors, especially small children. Large numbers of small children in strange costumes, walking the neighborhood and ringing your doorbell, can really get your dog charged up. It’s essential to ensure your dog is contained during trick-or-treating, in order to avoid them escaping from your home, bothering the children at the door, or worse. If you don’t want to lock your dog in a room, an invisible dog fence can be used indoors. This will allow your dog to remain at a safe distance from the front door, while still allowing them to see who is coming to your home. If you use an electric dog fence in your yard, it’s a good idea to keep your dog inside during trick-or-treat hours, especially if your dog is aggressive, because trick-or-treaters may accidentally wander into your dog’s territory.

Don’t Feed Your Dog Candy

Never give candy to your dog on Halloween, especially if you’re unsure of the ingredients. Chocolate and xylitol, a sugar substitute, can be toxic to dogs. Even if you think a sweet is “safe” for your dog, if they’ve never eaten it before, you can never be sure how they’ll react to it. At the very least, your dog may get an uncomfortable stomach ache or other gastrointestinal issues. Never leave candy within reach of your dog, and make sure your kids keep their candy stashes somewhere your dog won’t find them, too. Keep the phone number to your vet’s office handy, just in case your dog does accidentally ingest something that makes them sick.

Watch Out for Halloween Hazards

Halloween decorations are fun and festive, but there are some potential hazards to keep in mind, especially for dog owners. Make sure any power cords or wires are covered or kept out of reach, or your dog may chew on them. Also keep pumpkins, hay, corn, and other edible decorations away from your dogs. While they aren’t poisonous, they can still upset your dog’s stomach, cause intestinal blockages, or cause your dog to choke. Glow sticks should also be kept away from dogs, because the liquid inside, while nontoxic, can also cause stomach issues. Lit candles should also be kept somewhere safe, so your dog does not accidentally knock them over and start a fire.

Be Practical with Costumes

If you want to dress your dog up to join in the Halloween fun, keep safety at the forefront of your mind when doing so. Put the costume on your dog a few different times before Halloween night to ensure it fits properly and your dog has a chance to get used to it. Make sure it is not too tight, or your dog’s breathing or circulation could be impaired. Small accessories, such as buttons, should be avoided, because they can become choking hazards. If you’re walking your dog at night, make sure that part of their costume is reflective. Alternatively, use a reflective or LED collar, leash, or harness. If your dog wears an e-collar for an electronic dog fence, it can be removed while they’re on a leash, but never remove ID tags. Make sure all contact information on ID tags are up-to-date.

Halloween is a fun holiday, but sometimes it can be a little too exciting for dogs. Perhaps the biggest concern is keeping your dog on your property, as even dogs in yards with a traditional fence or the best invisible dog fence have been known to find their way out to join in all the activity during trick-or-treating hours. As long as you follow these safety tips and employ good common sense, your dog will be just fine, and everyone will enjoy a happy Halloween!

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