Training Puppies and Some Costly Mistakes



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Costliest Mistakes in Puppy Training


Do not make the biggest and costliest mistake made by puppy owners. This blunder is far too common and should never be ignored.

I got this email yesterday and I knew that I had to share it with you. This can save you a lot of heartbreak and money.

You see today, throughout the globe, hundreds of people are enrolling their new pups right into puppy pre-school; puppy-training classes then potentially progress to additional dog obedience.

Really, why are they doing all this? Well, eventually the reasoning is that they wind up with excellent, well-behaved pets that are secure and under control.

So what if I told you that going to all these classes, investing hundreds of bucks definitely does NOT mean that you’ll instantly achieve what you thought you would.

That corrects… what you learn from these classes is to get their pets to comply with commands in a sterile environment.

Sure there is some socialization, which is excellent if it’s done correctly.

However, the really vital information is often entirely forgotten. For example understanding how to be, maintain the position of pack leader, and PROTECT AGAINST significant concerns as your puppy matures is somewhat important.

When they are young, what you really want is a method of training that works, and after that proceeds to work as your canine matures.

Here is a timeless example of a wonderful female that has spent hundreds of dollar on puppy training, and is now searching for help. Believe me this happens to many puppy owners that have spent hundreds of dollars for training, and still end up with problems

The total price of training up until now is probably close to $500!

Now, after all that training, she is needing help with the best ways to stop the serious issues: BARKING, GROWLING, FIXATIONS, NIPPING FOR ATTENTION, CAN’T RELAX, FOLLOWING EVERYWHERE.

So, I ask you again… what was the point of puppy pre-school and puppy training? (I’m sure that this pup can do a mighty fine stay and sit!).

Here is her e-mail to me:

“Hi there,

For my 30th birthday last year, I got a little puppy who, for the most part, has been well-behaved. She has done a couple of puppy schools and training classes where she did very well and showed she was a quick learner. However, over the last few months (she is now 1 and a quarter) her behavior has been getting worse.

Here is a list of her issues at the moment:

– Barking and growling. She is constantly growling out the windows at
nothing in particular, anything can set her off – birds, the neighbors, chickens, people next door, trees moving, rustling in the bush, dogs down on the beach, kids toys on the lawn next-door, and imaginary things. Once she starts barking she seems to get fixated on it. This is her biggest problem and it is so frustrating not only to us but I am sure to the neighbors as well. As well as barking at things outside, when she wants attention she will growl/bark/nip at me (only does this with mainly me, sometimes other family members. Is very cuddly at the park with other people).

– She is unable to occupy herself and is constantly following me around.
She does not seem to know how to relax and chill out.

– Because of her barking, we can’t leave her outside by herself, as she will just bark non-stop.

She has a sweet personality but the barking and attention seeking is very draining, and I would like to be able to enjoy having her around again, and I am sure she would be happier if she were more independent, and relaxed. Do you think you would be able to come and help us get our lovely little girl back?”


Christine Wakefield and Poppy


Obviously, it would certainly be a lot less complicated, and far much less stressful to have avoided this from happening in the first place. A significant amount of time, planning, and money has been invested on educating this pup on the basics, down, sit, stay and look where she wound up.

So what is missing? Nobody discussed to this brand-new puppy owner the importance of being the pack leader is the true cause of all these problems … Barking, following the owner around, nipping and so on.

When a dog thinks that they are the pack leader, they will bark, to keep the property safe. They could wind up barking at absolutely nothing, as in this case unless you stop it. They will follow their owners around if they believe that they are the pack leader to keep them safe also … just like any great mother will keep an eye on her children.

Everything links back to becoming the pack leader, and also finding out ways to change this. I have mentioned this in many posts that everything starts with making sure your puppy knows that you are the pack leader, and all good things in life come from you. You are in control and your puppy needs to know this, so they can relax, and also take pleasure in life without any worries. Starting with pack leadership will make everything else so much easier.

Educating your new puppy to recognize commands is fun and needs to be a component of your new puppy training, yet do not let it become the only point that you concentrate on. Understand the significance of getting your pet to regard you as the leader, and to ensure that as they respect you as such, and they continuously listen closely.

I have found an extremely effective site that you could help you discover, how to do all of this and even deals with the more crucial subjects. It’s Doggy Dan’s video clip website – The Online Dog Trainer

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The site has everything you might ever need when raising a young puppy; it’s in effect a video log of an amazing young puppy, which is now a great, well-trained canine.

Don’t wait until things begin to fall apart. Prevention is worth so much more than trying to solve the problem that has already developed.

  • Do you want to save hundreds of dollars…
  • Do you want to get the training right first time round,
  • Do you want to prevent all the hassle and tension…

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Don’t wait until you have behavior issues, check it out now.

Until Next Time

Pawsitively Yours,

Suzanne Dean, ABCDT

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