Turkish Angora


Photos from Pamukkale Cattery

The Turkish Angora is a balanced, graceful medium sized cat with a fine, silky coat that shimmers with every movement, in contrast to the firm, long muscular body beneath it.  The head is a medium long, smooth wedge with a smooth and pointed muzzle, having no whisker pads or pinch. The profile is two straight lines formed by the top head and the line of the nose. The ears are large, tall and have tufts at the tips; set very closely together, high on the head, vertical and erect. Large, almond-shaped eyes, slanting slightly upward with an open expression. (Thanks to Kerstin Staudal in Montreal at Antalya Cattery- Turkish Angoras par excellence)

  • BREED TYPE:  Natural
  • BODY TYPE:  Medium size. Overall balance, grace and fineness of bone are more important than actual size. Torso long and slender.  Finely boned with firm muscularity. (CFA)
  • COAT TYPE:  Longhair
  • SIZE:  Small to medium (5 to 9 pounds)
  • TEMPERAMENT:  Elegant.  Intelligent, quick-witted and devoted to their humans.  Will “supervise” the household.  Very playful.
  • COLORS:  White, black, blue-cream  Tabby:  cream classic, cream tabby and white, blue mackerel.  Smoke: black tortie

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