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  This inforgraphic was provided to Pet Guardian Angels of America by Alexandra Seagal You've picked out your new puppy, and you're ready to bring her home. Potty training is at the top of your list of goals ...

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Updated on May 25, 2017

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CAT AND DOG FOOD RECALLSmallbatch Pets Inc. of Portland, OR Smallbatch frozen chicken blend for dogs and cats

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DOG FOOD RECALLParty Animal Dog Food Recall of April 2017 (04-18-17)

PETSSelling A Home That Has Pets  (04-18-17)

DOGSCanine Oral Cancer  (04-17-17)

PIT BULLSPit Bulls – Straight from the Heart  (04-14-17)

CATSWhy/When Spay/Neuter is So Important for Cats  (04-13-17)

HELPING PEOPLEDogs can help you cope with depression and anxiety  (04-12-17)

DOGSEvaluating An Ethical Dog Breeder  (04-11-17)

CATSThe Body Language of Feline Anxiety  (04-10-17)

DOGSLooking for your “DOG” perfect match?  (04-08-17)

DOGSCanine Bone Cancer  (04-07-17)

BIRDSBeginner’s Guide to Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard  (04-06-17)

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HERO DOGS2017 American Humane Hero Dog Awards Voting (03-30-17)

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CATS AND DOGSFleas, Ticks and Global Warming  (03-25-17)