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  This article is posted as part of PGAA's curation efforts. This was originally posted at VetStreet   By Mikkel Becker   Cats are the most popular pet in the United States; they are intelligent, affectionate and mysterious ...

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Updated on February 21, 2017

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CATS10 Common Cat Behavior Myths Decoded  (02-21-17)

CATS AND DOGS Pet Food Ads: Poorly educated or paid off by a corporation  (02-20-17)

DOGSThe Alpha Dog Myth: Is Dominance Training Mistreatment?  (02-19-17)

DOGSUpset Stomach (02-18-17)

BIRDSMaking Science and Bird Education Count (02-17-17)

DOGSFDA Approves Diroban, the First Generic Drug to Treat Heartworm Disease in Dogs (02-17-17)

PUPPY MILLSPuppy mill investigation road blocks (02-16-17)

DOG FOOD RECALLAgainst the Grain Voluntarily Recalls One Lot of Pulled Beef With Gravy Dinner for Dogs (02-15-17)

CATSIntroduction to Feral Cats  (02-15-17)

CAT FOOD RECALLRecall of Wellness Canned Cat food (02-13-17)

DOGSCan we feed our dogs human food? (02-13-17)

DOGSUse a Moving Blanket as a Dog Bed  (02-12-17)

CATSKids and Cats: Responsibility by Age (02-12-17)

TRAVEL10 House-Hunting Lessons You Can Learn From Your Dog  (02-11-17)

CATS AND DOGSHow Seniors Can Keep Their Home Safe for A Pet  (02-10-17)

DOG FOOD RECALLCompanion-dog-food-recall-2017 (02-09-17)

DOGSHow to Choose the Best Feeding Method for Dogs  (02-09-17)

DOG FOOD RECALLPetSmart recalls Grreat Choice Adult Dog Food (02-09-17)

HOLIDAYSPartial Pet and Animal 2017 Holidays (02-08-17)

DOGSK9 Advantix II vs FRONTLINE Plus  (02-07-17)

DOGSTraining Tips Every Dog Owner Needs to Know  (02-05-17)

DOGS AND KIDSKids and Dogs – Newest Member (02-04-17)

DOG FOOD RECALLEvanger’s Dog Food Recall of February 2017 (02-04-17)

DOGS AND KIDSKids and Dogs – Making the Right Decision (02-03-17)

DOGS AND KIDSKids and Dogs – To Buy or Not to Buy  (02-02-17)

DOGSA HAPPY dog is a GOOD dog! Is Your Dog Happy?  (02-01-17)

CATS5 Ways to Help a Hiding Cat  (01-31-17)

DOGS Predation and predatory aggression in pets  (01-30-17)

CATS6 Signs You May Be Ready to Get a Cat  (01-28-17)

DOGSThings To Do Now To Prevent Ear Infections In Dogs (01-27-17)

DOGSStem cell treatment of Osteoarthritis  (01-26-17)

DOGSNominations for the seventh annual American Humane Hero Dog Awards® (01-26-17)

CATS AND DOGS—  The Awesome Health Benefits of Having a Four-Legged Family Member (01-25-17)

CATS AND DOGSRaw Food Diets – Are They Right for Your Pet?  (01-24-17)

DOGSFinding the fit, building the fit, sometimes accepting it’s not a fit (01-23-17)

DOGSWhy Are Dogs So Loyal to Us?  (01-22-17)

VETSMobile Vet Clinics: What Are They?  (01-20-17)

PETS AND CANCERFDA Warns of Illnesses and Deaths in Pets Exposed to Prescription topical (human) cancer treatment: Fluorouracil (01-20-17)

RABBIT FOOD RECALLGrange Co-Op Recalls Rogue All Purpose Rabbit Pellets (01-20-17)

PETS AND TAXESPet Expenses That Are Tax-Deductible  (01-19-17)

BIRDSWant to Start a Birding Club? (01-18-17)

DOGSWhat Makes a Good Dog Trainer?  (01-17-17)

DOGSFree Welcome Home Dog Training Videos (01-17-17)

DOG FOOD RECALLBlue Ridge Beef Pet Food Recall | January 2017 (01-17-17)

DOGSWhy You Must Vaccinate Against Parvo  (01-16-17)

DOGS— The Best Way To Trim Your Dog’s Nails (01-15-17)

DOGSCrate Training a Puppy  (01-14-17)

CATS AND DOGSWhy Probiotics Are Good For Pets  (01-12-17)

DOGSUnderstanding Itchy Skin in Dogs  (01-11-17)

CAT FOOD RECALLJM Smucker Expands 9Lives Recall (01-11-17)

CATSLetting your cat outside when it’s cold  (01-10-17)

CATSThings to Check for Cat’s Health  (01-09-17)

DOGS Your Dog Swallowed a Bone or Object – What to Do Next  (01-07-17)

PUPPIESInitial Puppy Training Hints  (01-06-17)

PUPPIES3 Reasons Why Your Puppy Is Breathing Fast (01-05-17)

DOGSGeneral Care: Senior Dog Care  (01-03-17)

CATS AND DOGSPrescription Diets – Another Veterinary Myth?  (01-02-17)

FISH—  Freshwater Versus Saltwater Aquariums  (12-31-16)

CATS AND DOGSThousands of Dogs and Cats Killed Each Year By Salt and Antifreeze  (12-29-16)

SWINE FLUUpdate on Swine Flu In Dogs  (12-28-16)

GUINEA PIGSAdopting a Guinea Pig is a Commitment  (12-27-16)


DOGSWoman’s Way To Parenting Your Dog  (12-24-16)

DOGS  What is Your Dog Trying to Tell You (12-23-16)

CATS AND DOGS8 Tips For Caring For Your Pet This Winter (12-22-16)

ANIMALSMeeting Those Who Share Our Planet (12-20-16)