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  This article is posted as part of PGAA's curation efforts. This was originally posted at Spot Magazine Ten Reasons In the spirit of February and the impending V Day... .here are 10 reasons why having a dog ...

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Updated on February 20, 2018

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PETS— Ten Reasons  (02-20-18)

PETS—  Pet and Women Safety Act  (02-19-18)

DOGS— Reasons Your Dog Belongs Indoors with You  (02-18-18)

TURTLE— Caring For A Pet Turtle (02-17-18)

DOG FOOD RECALL—J.M. Smucker Company initiated a voluntary withdrawal of various wet dog food products (02-16-18)

DOGS—   What Type of Family Dog Should You Get?  (02-15-18)

CATS—Selecting A Cat Breed (02-14-18)

FDA Investigates Pattern of Contamination in Certain Raw Pet Foods Made by Arrow Reliance Inc., Including Darwin’s Natural Pet Products and ZooLogics Pet Food

HAMSTER— Taking Care of A Pet Hamster (02-13-18)

DOG FOOD RECALL—Darwin’s Dog Food Recall of February 2018 (02-13-18)

DOGS—   Flat Faced Breeds  (02-12-18)

DOGS— How to Clean Dried Poop Off Your Dog and Prevent Pseudocoprostasis   (02-11-18)

DOG TREAT RECALL—Redbarn Pet Products recalling Redbarn Naturals 7-inch Bully Stick Dog Chews 3-pack (02-11-18)

DOGS— How to Clean Dog Ears with Hydrogen Peroxide  (02-10-18)

CATS— Ways to Keep Your Cat Occupied During the Day!  (02-09-18)

DOG FOOD RECALL—Raws For Paws Recalls Turkey Pet Food Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk (02-09-18)

DOG TREAT RECALL—Smokehouse Pet Products Dog Treat Recall (02-09-18)

PETS— National Love Your Pet Day February 20, 2018 (02-08-18)

DOGS— Canine Eye Medicines (02-08-18)

DOGS—   Top 5 Ways To Care For Your Dog’s Bone Health  (02-07-18)

RABBITS—  Do You Want a Bunny for Easter?  (02-06-18)

DOGS—  Is Your Dog Happy Because He Shares the Same Gene as You?  (02-05-18)

PETS— Pet Visits in Hospitals: What Are the Risks?  (02-03-18)

DOGS—  Adopting Stray Dogs From Mexico: What You Need to Know  (02-01-18)

CATS— How to Select a Kitten That’s Right for You  (01-31-18)

CATS—  Why do cats like watching birds?  (01-30-18)

ALL PETS— How to Qualify for an ESA Letter  (01-29-18)

DOGS— The Domestic Canine is a Species Unto Itself  (01-27-18)

BIRDS—  Identifying Backyard Birds At Your Feeders  (01-26-18)

DOGS—  The Dog Flu  (01-25-18)

DOG FOOD RECALL—JustFoodForDogs Voluntarily Recalls Three Daily Diets (01-24-18)

ALL PETS— Tell EPA to Ban Rodenticides  (01-23-18)

DOGS— Dog Parks in New York City  (01-22-18)

DOGS—  Early Treatment by Natural Primalix C-Care (01-15-18)

CATS AND DOGS  For Dogs, Cats and a Multitude of Other Uses  (0-12-18)

CATS AND DOGS Is My Dog or Cat a Healthy Weight? (01-11-18)

CATS—  Why Cats Dont Get Care They Need And Deserve (01-10-18)

DOGS— Senior Dog Dietary Tips  For Optimum Health  (01-09-18)

DOGS—  Pet Therapy for Children with Special Needs  (01-07-18)

DOGS— Alternative Medicine: Dog Acupuncture (01-06-18)

CATS AND DOGS Tips to Keep Fleas and Ticks At Bay (01-03-18)

PETS— Dangers to Pets, Children and Other Living Things  (12-31-17)

DOGS—   New Research Reveals Evolution of Dog Breeds  (12-30-17)

DOG AND CAT FOOD RECALL— Primal Pet Foods (12-22-17)

DOGS— Before You Return That Rescue Dog To The Shelter… (12-22-17)

DOGS— The Pet Factor: How Cancer Impacts Your Furry Friends  (12-21-17)