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  This article is posted as part of PGAA's curation efforts. This was originally posted at PetMd     By Jennifer Coates We've all done it...flashed a laser pointer across the floor (and up the wall and onto ...

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Updated on April 29, 2017

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CATSNapping with Cats (04-25-17)

DOGSThe Early Signs Of Arthritis In Dogs & How To Treat Canine Arthritis  (04-24-17)

PUPPIES6 Common Illnesses to Watch for in Puppies  (04-22-17)

CATSHow to Find a Trusted Breeder to Find the Right Furbaby  (04-20-17)

CATSHow to help cats beat the heat in summer  (04-19-17)

DOG FOOD RECALLParty Animal Dog Food Recall of April 2017 (04-18-17)

PETSSelling A Home That Has Pets  (04-18-17)

DOGSCanine Oral Cancer  (04-17-17)

PIT BULLSPit Bulls – Straight from the Heart  (04-14-17)

CATSWhy/When Spay/Neuter is So Important for Cats  (04-13-17)

HELPING PEOPLEDogs can help you cope with depression and anxiety  (04-12-17)

DOGSEvaluating An Ethical Dog Breeder  (04-11-17)

CATSThe Body Language of Feline Anxiety  (04-10-17)

DOGSLooking for your “DOG” perfect match?  (04-08-17)

DOGSCanine Bone Cancer  (04-07-17)

BIRDSBeginner’s Guide to Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard  (04-06-17)

PUPPY MILLSDo You Know Where Puppies REALLY Come From? (04-05-17)

PETSWhat Can Kids Learn From Them?  (04-04-17)

DOGS10 Jobs Dogs Could Do Better Than Humans  (04-03-17)

DOGSDigestibility Matters  (04-02-17)

DOGSHow to Keep Your Dog Clean Without a Routine Bath  (04-01-17)

DOGSHow do you know when one dog is dominant over another  (03-30-17)

HERO DOGS2017 American Humane Hero Dog Awards Voting (03-30-17)

PUPPIESThings You Don’t Want To Miss In New Puppy Checklist  (03-29-17)

CATS AND DOGSMarijuana Intoxication in Pets Is on the Rise  (03-28-17)

DOGSTypes Of Hunting Dogs Prone To Arthritis  (03-27-17)

CATS AND DOGSFleas, Ticks and Global Warming  (03-25-17)

DOGSHow to Prevent Flea and Tick Infestations on Your Dog  (03-24-17)

DOGSNational Puppy Day (03-23-17)

DOGSHow to Brush a Dog’s Teeth  (03-23-17)

ALT FACTSAlternative Facts For Dog Lovers (03-22-17)

DOGSUrinary: Incontinence  (03-21-17)

DOG TREAT RECALLMultiple Brands of Pig Ears Recalled Due to Salmonella | March 2017 (03-21-17)

DOGS—  What is Mange in Dogs?  (03-20-17)

DOGSHow to Find Your Dog’s Body Condition Score  (03-19-17)

DOGSHow To Raise A Pitbull Puppy  (03-18-17)

DOG FOOD RECALLWellness Dog Food Recall of March 2017 (03-18-17)

DOG FOOD RECALLBlue Buffalo Dog Food Recall Event Number 2 of March 2017 (03-18-17)

PETSRaising Kids With Pets  (03-17-17)

DOGSDesigner Dog Disclosure  (03-16-17)

CATS AND DOGS6 Tips for Taking Great Care of Your Diabetic Pet  (03-14-17)

VET DOGSToday is National K9 Veterans Day, an annual tribute to the courageous canines who serve and sacrifice so much for our country. (03-13-17)

DOGSOver 47 Toxic Foods and Poisonous Plants for Dogs (03-13-17)

CATS AND DOGSHow Ozone Therapy Can Help Pets Suffering From Infections and More  (03-12-17)

CATS AND DOGSHow To Manage A Large Pet Family In A Small Home  (03-11-17)

PETSLearning to Be a Great Owner for Your Pet  (03-10-17)

HAMSTERHamster and Gerbil Enrichment  (03-09-17)

DOGSDogs are Carnivores, Right?  (03-07-17)

BIRDSBackyard Birding: Safety and Protection  (03-06-17)

DOG FOOD RECALLEvanger’s Pet Food and Against the Grain Voluntarily Recalls Additional Products (03-06-17)

DOGSWhen should my pet be spayed or neutered?  (03-05-17)

DOGSWhat Is Arthritis In Dogs? (03-04-17)

DOG FOOD RECALLBlue Buffalo Dog Food Recall of March 2017 (03-03-17)

CATS  AND DOGSIs My Dog or Cat a Healthy Weight? Important Questions to Ask the Vet  (03-02-17)

CATS  Litter Box Happiness  (03-01-17)