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  This article is posted as part of PGAA's curation efforts. This was originally posted at WayCoolDogs   Share: Facebook Twitter Google Linkedin StumbleUpon Tumblr   Owning a dog can make you a better parent for several reasons. ...

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Updated on June 22, 2017

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DOGSWhy Owning a Dog Can Make You a Better Parent  (06-22-17)

CATS AND DOGSBest Pet Camera: Choosing the Right Model for Pet Surveillance  (06-21-17)

RABBIT AND MCCAW SUN SEED RECALLVitakraft Sun Seed Issues Voluntary Recall (06-19-17)

DOG TREATS RECALL EXPANDEDRawhide Dog Chews Recall Expands to Include More Brands (06-19-17)

DOGSPuppy Teething Symptoms & What to Do for a Teething Puppy  (06-19-17)

DOGSWhy Does My Dog Breath Smell Like Fish?  (06-17-17)

PETSChoosing The Best Pet Insurance For Your Cat/Dog/Bird/Rabbit  (06-16-17)

DOGSShould Dogs With Arthritis Exercise?  (06-15-17)

DOG TREATS RECALLLoving PetsRecalls Limited Lot Numbers of Air-Puffed Dog Treats Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk (06-15-17)

PET FIRST AID RECALLPhillips Company Issues Voluntary Worldwide Recall of All Topical Products Occasionally human first aid products will be used on pets (06-14-17)

DOGSAromatherapy & Essential Oils  (06-13-17)

DOGSBarBQue’s and other Summer Fun (06-12-17)

DOGS7 Easy Things You Can Do Around The House To Help Ease Your Dog’s Arthritis Pain  (06-11-17)


DOGS—  Rimadyl Risks Liver Failure (06-10-17)

CATSWhy Cats Bite During Petting!  (06-09-17)

DOGSSix Natural and Holistic Remedies For Treating Arthritis In Your Dog (06-07-17)

DOGSFree Feeding Versus Scheduled Feeding: Which is Best for Your Dog? (06-06-17)

DOGSCanine Leukemia  (06-05-17)

DOGS— Tons of Fun – Canine Obesity (06-04-17)

CATS AND DOGSWhat Your Pet’s Overnight Vet Visit Is Like  (06-03-17)

DOGSHandicapped Dog Mobility with Wheeled Cart (06-02-17)

CATS—  9 Ways That Cats Talk to Us With Their Tails  (06-01-17)

LIZARDS–5 Care Tips for Chameleons  (05-29-17)

DOGS– Pit Bull Myths (05-28-17)

PETS– PetTherapy is Gaining Popularity and Emotional Support (05-27-17)

DOGSHow To Potty Train a Puppy Infographic  (05-25-17)

DOGSCauses of Canine Arthritis  (05-23-17)

DOGS-FDA WARNINGRisk of accidental overdosing of dogs with the drug Sileo   (05-23-17)

DOGSFour Steps to A Pet Friendly Home (05-22-17)

DOGSThe Border Collie Profile (05-21-17)

CATS AND DOGS—  Secure Your Pet When Moving  (05-20-17)

FERRETSWhere Are Ferrets Legal? (05-14-17)

CATS AND DOGSHow to know when it’s time to see the Vet  (05-13-17)

PUPPY MILLSDay of Giving to Fight PuppY Mills (05-12-17)

CATSThe Science Behind Your Cat’s Scratchy Tongue  (05-11-17)

DOGSWhy Are Dogs So Loyal To The Owners?  (05-10-17)

DOGSDiscover 13 Reasons Why Do Dogs Get Headaches  (05-08-17)

CAT AND DOG FOOD RECALLSmallbatch Pets Inc. of Portland, OR Smallbatch frozen chicken blend for dogs and cats

DOGSFlying With A Dog? Over 5 Tips To Get The Best Airline Pet Carrier (05-06-17)

CATSDoes Your Cat Have Asthma?  (05-05-17)

DOGS Organization Provides Free Eye Exams To Service Animals Every May (05-04-17)

DOGS Small Dog Safety Precautions  (05-03-17)

DOGS5 Grooming Tips for Puppies  (05-02-17)

DOGSCanine Dementia in Your Aging Dog, or Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (05-01-17)

CATSCan Cats Be Service Animals?  (04-30-17)

CATSWhy Are Cats Obsessed with Laser Pointers?  (04-29-17)

DOGSMoving To A New House Infographic  (04-28-17)

CATSNapping with Cats (04-25-17)

DOGSThe Early Signs Of Arthritis In Dogs & How To Treat Canine Arthritis  (04-24-17)

PUPPIES6 Common Illnesses to Watch for in Puppies  (04-22-17)