Japanese Bobtail


Photos from Kiddlyn Japanese Bobtails

The Japanese Bobtail is the “good luck” cat in Japan.  Its face is between wedge and round in structure with a long nose, large ears (pitched forward), and large, oval eyes.  A soft and silky coat that requires little grooming.  Bobbed, almost inflexible tail that can be sensitive.  A longhair version originated in 1993.

  • BREED TYPE:  Natural
  • BODY TYPE:  Cobby
  • COAT TYPE:  Shorthair
  • SIZE:  Small to medium (6 to 9 pounds)
  • TEMPERAMENT:  Very affectionate.  Can be talkative.  Likes to be handled.  Accepts other pets.  Very good with children (but be careful about the tail).

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