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In recent years, the definition of curation has expanded, as more information shifts to a digital format. The sheer volume of digital information that is available makes it increasingly challenging to find the information you are interested in. Curation in a digital world isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. (

PGAA uses content curation to collect internet content and present it in a meaningful and organized way to give you the visibility to pertinent pet related information. At the same time it provides the original content provider additional visibility to their material; not only to the particular article(s) but to other content contained on their site.

This is accomplished by providing additional meta tag information and increased visibility to search engines. Each article we use is shown in its entirety, contains link backs to the original provider, contains all links within the article, and link backs to any other materials (photos, graphs, etc) mentioned in the article.

PGAA does not endorse any products, companies or advertised offers. Nor does PGAA endorse any comments, positions or opinions stated by persons or organizations other than PGAA.    Most of those sites have their own copyright notices.  PGAA uses content curation to collect internet content and present it in a meaningful and organized way to give you the visibility to pertinent pet related information.  Such postings are the responsibility of the original author/poster and PGAA suggests our readers evaluate the content for their own needs.



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