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Can Living Like a Dog Help You Make the Most of Life?

Paws to Talk on April, 29th 2014 in Life with Humans

Dear Paws to Talk,

My dog lives in the moment.

Would following his lead help me achieve all I want to in life?

What else should I do to make the most of each day?

-Fiona the Human

Howl Fiona,

Thank you for writing to us. You are a very smart human to pose these questions.

Follow your dog’s lead as much as possible! Also, remember to reward him with premium treats frequently.

Us dogs, don’t know how to live any other way but in the present. This allows us to experience life as it happens in front of our furry faces instead of anticipating what is coming.

Although we must admit that we do get a little tense around the kibble hour if the humans are taking their sweet time to feed us.

Here are some other things you can live like a dog and get the most out of your days.

Take Time To Sniff

There are so many wonderful smells to take in everyday such as flowers, fresh air, and of course what the humans are making for dinner. Don’t forget to savor life’s aromas.

Stretch Your Legs

Many humans out there make a dedicated effort to ensure that us dogs get a walk everyday or at least have a good game of fetch. Do something active each day where you have to use your body.

You don’t have to go on a hiking expedition. However, a brisk run around the yard for a few minutes can often do the trick.

Love With Abandon

We give our whole hearts to the humans and animals who have earned our respect and trust. It is so fulfilling to love deeply.

Find someone with two or four legs to love without conditions or question marks.


Bella and DiDi

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