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Considering adding a new pup to your family? The best first step is exploring what will make the best match for your family’s personality and way of life. That, alongside a canine’s demeanor, can play a critical role in what breed will be a great fit, whether small or large, active or passive.

Once you know which breed(s) might best fit, you can then move on to assessing an individual dog’s or puppy’s disposition. Following are some of the more popular breeds and how their common traits work well with certain types of owners. Use this as a guide while seeking the perfect new furry companion for your family.



Need to have your hairy companion excitedly anticipate your arrival, eager for cuddling and tummy rubs? In this case you will probably like a pet that desires your love and affection.

Best Breed | Labrador Retriever

Labs love and cherish their owners. Known for sweet, warm natures, these pups will celebrate you home every time.


If you are active, of good humor, and enjoy being the life of the party, you may want a companion who’s in step with your social habits and who appreciates the company of your loved ones.

Best Breed | Norwich Terrier

An energetic, active pooch who’s eager to make friends, Norwich Terriers are ecstatic allies who love to buddy around and keep you laughing. Terriers are valiant, solid, cheeky, adoring and free-spirited. They make for fabulous family dogs, as they view their family as their “pack” and seek to be part of all goings on. This breed has get-up-and-go, and makes an incredible family pet; however, it is not recommended to raise with toddler-aged children. Easily trained and possessed with an even demeanor, these dogs are ideal for first-time owners, but owners who have plenty of time to share with their best friend.


If your exercise routine is a crucial part of your day, you’ll want a pet that is similarly dynamic and vivacious.

Best Breed | German Shepherd or Jack Russell Terrier

German Shepherds are exceedingly wise canines that flourish with tons of exercise. Their ideal person loves long strolls or runs. In case you’re searching for a smaller but similarly athletic pooch, consider the Jack Russell Terrier. JRTs are filled with vitality and excess energy, and need 30-45 minutes of exercise every day.


Continuously seeking to get your way? You’ll see eye-to-eye with a stubborn and persistent canine who does not take ‘no’ for an answer (even from you).

Best Breed | English Bulldog

The common expression “stubborn as a bulldog” exists for a reason. In the event you are seeking a pooch to lounge around with and not a running mate, English Bulldogs are for you. What’s more, in the event you do choose to go for a run, there’s a good chance this headstrong canine just will not move!


For jet-setters who would love a pet co-pilot along for their adventures, some of the mighty ‘littles’ are highly qualified for the job.

Best Breed | Pomeranian or Yorkshire Terrier

Size is frequently an issue for pet parents when it comes to travel, so it helps to pick a pooch that doesn’t require much space on the road or in the air. Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terriers are extraordinary for travelers, thanks to being ‘totes’ totable, very social, and require little exercise. You’ll love touring for an entire day without feeling like you’re ignoring Sparky.


Super busy but longing for a pet? Your match is a pooch that deals very well with your comings and goings.

Best Breed | Pug

For dog owners constantly on the go, it’s imperative to pick a breed that doesn’t require huge amounts of daily exercise or grooming. Pugs are ideal, as they require very little exercise and minimal grooming.


If your idea of a perfect evening is lounging with a book and your cherished companion, your match is calm, laid-back, and quiet.

Best Breed | Basset Hound or Bullmastiff

Basset Hounds are smooth, calm dogs that will cheerfully lounge around with you. But don’t let them laze all the time — like everyone, they need the occasional exercise, as they’re prone to weight gain. Bullmastiffs are enormous, yet they make shockingly great apartment or condo pooches: they are calm and require little exercise.

With so many breeds possessing such varied, distinctive qualities, finding a great match is really quite simple. Just a matter of giving it some thought, and then taking a look at what’s out there. A great source for that is Petfinder.com. You can specify the traits you seek, then plug in the geographic range you’re willing to travel, be it your own neighborhood or across the country. Pet finder will then show you the pets meeting your description, where they are and who to contact to meet them.

Happy Matchmaking!

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