Lost and Found Pet Assistance

Lots A Pet, Found A Pet.  What to do, who to call??

Helpful Hints

Find Lost Dogs or Find Lost Cats for advice on how to find a missing pet  Prevent Your Dog From Becoming Lost

Reduce Stress Levels by Having a Game Plan to Recover a Lost Pet

ScamBusters at http://www.scambusters.org/petscams.html

Protect Your Dog From Thieves (12-02-17)

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National: pawmaw “A platform that reunites lost and stray pets to their owners. All you need to do to get our service is to make a report to us, post a shout out; and we will start looking for your family member.”

National Missing Pet Partnership. A national, nonprofit organization which provides lost pet recovery tips and referrals to lost pet services for pet owner/guardians who have lost a beloved pet.

National Advice/Assistance The Retrievers …tools, experience and expertise to help rescues and individual owners find their lost dogs. Our resources will help you organize an effective search, and through free phone consultation, our experienced team members can advise you on strategic decisions as the search unfolds.

National Advice/Assistance Lost Pet Found Pet “Lost Pet Found Pet helps to reunite lost and found pets such as dogs, cats, birds and ferrets with their families through social media. We offer helpful tips on how to find your pets, share success stories and offer information on how to prevent your pet from getting lost in the future.”

National Chip Registry Free Pet Chip Registry It is the mission of FreePetChipRegistry that all microchipped pets are properly registered into a database.

National Database pets911 lost and found

National Dog Finder FidoFinder. By registering with Fido Finder, you will be registering your dog’s vital information, such as name, breed, gender, color, and postal code. If your dog is ever lost, the person who has found your dog will be able to locate you based on the postal code in which the dog was found.

National – Golden Retrievers Lost and Found Golden Retrievers Have you lost your Golden Retriever? Or have you found a Golden, Golden Doodle or other Golden mix and need to locate the owner? We can help.

National Listings Helping Lost Pets People who have listed their missing pet on Help, including the pet’s photo and detailed description can now authorize shelters, animal controls, pounds and veterinarians to access their contact information regarding their pet.

National Locator The Pet Rescue. The Pet Rescue is providing unique nationwide support for lost and found pets with the help of a network of shelters, animal control agencies, rescue groups and veterinarians. Our goal is for families of lost pets to contact us first.

National Locator App Pet Harbor Our Lost Pet Postcards service will send hundreds of postcards to the area where your pet was lost. All you have to do is perform a LOST pet search on PetHarbor and follow the prompts.

National Postings The Missing Pet Network. A group of volunteers sponsored by the USDA Animal Care Office, who help people find missing pet animals. Organized by state.

National Posting Facebook Missing Pets Everywhere (Facebook) This is where we can post our lost, stolen, or found pet. We can share across the country of our pets that are missing, just maybe that missing pet will be seen somewhere and their beloved family will see the post. Please post where this animal is located.

New England Area Tracking 4 Paws Helping to find lost dogs primarily in the MA, NH and ME, but will provide virtual guidance anywhere.

Worldwide Listings Flealess Market Lost Pets International. Lost Pets Listings by Geographical Area.

Worldwide Parrot Welcome to parrotalert.com Anew advanced global geographical lost, stolen and found parrot reporting and alerting site