Lovin’ Your Pet


This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Jenn Lee

Photo by Pexels

Ways to Love Your Pet

Your pet is your family, but often you wonder if they’re getting a clear message that you love them. Even though your pet’s psychology is much different than that of a human, cats, dogs, birds and other pets are social beings that enjoy connecting with their caregivers. If you’re unsure how to show your favorite pet that you love them, here are some tips that will help you get the message across.

Healthy Food

Your pet’s health is one of your top priorities. Serving healthy food that is attractive to the animal and provides nutrition is an excellent way to show them your appreciation. Some pets seem voracious and can eat nearly anything, but others are finicky and require your patience to discover the ideal food. Whichever type of pet you own, you can give them a well-balanced meal without spending a bundle. Online retailers that offer a monthly supply of food can save you money and a trip to the local grocery store, and if your best friend refuses to eat a high-priced brand, don’t force them. Nutritious dog and cat food are available in many price ranges, but when you research brands of pet food, you’ll find that the most expensive type is not always the best.

Vet Visits

Although a trip to the vet is probably your pet’s least favorite car ride, you should schedule regular appointments with the veterinarian at least twice a year. Outside pets need yearly vaccinations, and older pets may require more frequent visits due to existing conditions. Many people only take their animals to the vet when they’re sick, but you can minimize your pet’s sick days when you schedule regular check-ups. Experienced vets, like Laveen vet, can treat early symptoms that may lead to a severe condition in the future. Like a human’s visit to the doctor’s office, a vet appointment can be a harrowing ordeal for some animals. When your pet leaves the vet, reward them with a treat and spend some quality time together at home to show your appreciation.


A practical and enjoyable way to show love to your pet is to groom them regularly. Grooming helps keep your animal’s coat healthy and removes debris and dirt. If your pet hates being brushed, you can use a reward system when they remain calm during grooming, or you can employ a MaidThis from Denver trainer to find the best way to brush your difficult pet. Animals enjoy your attention, and establishing a routine for grooming is beneficial for them and useful for creating a lasting bond.


Like their wild ancestors, pets need frequent exercise. Although your animal doesn’t need to hunt for food, the instinct still exists deep inside of them. Even if they’re unable to roam free outside, you can find ways to give your pet some healthy activities indoors. Tug of war, fetch and chase games can be enjoyed with your dog inside as long as you secure your fragile objects. For cats, providing adequate exercise, can be more complicated. Some cats love chasing toys and strings, and others would rather climb around bookshelves or other high structures in your house. Discover which games interest your cat and try to spend around twenty minutes a day entertaining your feline.

Personal Space

Spending quality time with your pet is crucial for developing a lasting and loving relationship. However, like humans, most animals need space to call their own. Although there is a vast industry focused on premium pet structures and beds, you don’t have to spend hundreds to give your animal some personal space. Sometimes, an old recliner or hassock is all your pet needs to take a nap or just lay around. If your pet adopts a favorite piece of furniture that you approve of, let them claim it. It’s not uncommon for someone to mention which chair is the dog’s or cat’s. Your pet has an emotional attachment to you that transcends sustenance requirements. If you set aside some quality time for your pet every day, you can be confident that they appreciate your love.

Jenn Lee, is a family blogger and proud parent of Reggie the Golden Retriever .