The Manx

Photo by Wikimedia.

The Manx is tailless for show purposes, but this breed as has varied length tails.  Soft, short and dense double-coat.  Easily groomed.  Some Kittens can be at risk for Spina Bifida, (Buying from a breeder can lessen the risk.)  Round head, ears set high.  Large, round eyes.

  • BREED TYPE:  Spontaneous mutation
  • BODY TYPE:  Cobby
  • COAT TYPE: Shorthair and Longhair (The TICA lists the Longhaired Manx as a
  • SIZE:  Medium  (8 to 12 pounds)
  • TEMPERAMENT:  Mild, friendly and affectionate — want to be loved and spoiled.  Seeks high “roosting” places.  It “talks”.  Protective of its home.
  • COLORS: Any color other than those occuring from a Siamese gene (no pointed, no lavender or chocolate).

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