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This article was written and provided to Pet Guardian Angels of America by Olivia Williams of the “My Pet Needs That” website


Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

There are an increasing number of pet parents who are putting their trust in cannabidiol or CBD oil for dogs. While some are concerned about the product’s potential for causing psychoactive effects in dogs, especially considering that it is synthesized from the same plant where tetrahydrocannabinol, the principal psychoactive agent of marijuana, it has been proven that cannabidiol is very different. It is for this very reason that CBD oil can provide the following benefits to dogs. Get info at piedpipes

Treats seizures and epilepsy in dogs

Cannabidiol is primarily indicated in the management of seizure disorders in dogs as well as other diseases whereby one of the major presenting symptoms is seizure in the form of tremors, tics, and spasms. Seizures occur because of the rapid, uncontrollable, and erratic discharge of nerve impulses instead of the steady, regular, and synchronized transmission. Neurotransmitters are sent across neural synapses in rapid succession that the motor endplate contracts rather erratically because of the sudden influx of nerve impulses.

CBD oil serves to prevent the over-excitation of these nerves so that certain neurotransmitters are not sent out from one nerve to another. More specifically, CBD oil inhibits cyclic-AMP release into the adjacent nerve or motor endplate. This leads to calming of the nerves, thus, reducing the likelihood of erratic nerve impulse transmission.

Alleviates anxiety in dogs

We mentioned above that one of the principal effects of CBD oil is to inhibit the activity of cyclic-AMP, preventing its release from the proximal end of a nerve. This leads to a general relaxation of the different motor end plates as well as a reduction in brain electrical activity. In addition to its effects on c-AMP, CBD oil also has positive effects on serotonin receptors especially 5-HT1A. These receptors increase the activity of serotonin in the brain, producing a general sense of happiness or improved mood.

It is this improvement in mood that experts believe is the key to alleviating the many symptoms of anxiety. It is almost synonymous in physiologic activity to pharmaceutical-grade anti-anxiety agents. It is this combination of c-AMP inhibition and serotonin stimulation that gives CBD oil itsamazing anxiolytic property. This is also the reason why CBD oil is given to dogs that have serious anxiety issues or those that are always restless.

Alleviates pain

Pain, even in dogs, is a multifactorial phenomenon. There really is no single cause of pain that will lead to the complete elimination of the experience. However, by modulating certain neurotransmitters in the brain CBD oil can provide exceptional pain-killing effect without the addicting nature of narcotic analgesics.

Exactly how CBD oil produces analgesia is extremely complex. To simplify, CBD oil acts on pain receptors found at the level of the spinal cord by increasing the gamma-aminobutyric acid-like activities of nerve fibers. Since GABA is known to be a major neuroinhibitor, this leads to the non-propagation of the nerve impulse for pain. In other words, the brain will not be able to receive the information coming from the spinal cord that there is actually pain somewhere in the dog’s body.

Reduced inflammation

One very specific type of cannabidiol receptor (CB2) is found in the cells of the immune system like macrophages, lymphocytes, and monocytes. What this essentially means is that when CBD oil is given to a dog with inflammatory conditions, it effectively stimulates these receptors to activate the various cells of the immune system. Of particular importance is their activity on cytokines where they can exert their principal anti-inflammatory effects.

It is for this reason that CBD oil has been indicated in the management of a variety of chronic inflammation in dogs like canine arthritis, encephalitis, masticatory muscle myositis, inflammatory bowel disease, demodectic mange, chronic bronchitis, and acquired myasthenia gravis, among others.

Prevents cancer cell growth

Canine oncology is one area that is specially interesting among veterinarians. While CBD oil cannot hopefully treat all kinds of canine cancers, it has shown remarkable promise in both breast and colon cancer in dogs.

Its cancer-killing effects are attributed to CBD oil’s ability to cause programmed cell death, otherwise known asapoptosis. This is what experts believe can help in the prevention of the growth, maturation, and metastasis or spread of breast and colon cancer cells in dogs.

Scientists and veterinarians are working to find other benefits that can be derived from the administration of cannabidiol oil in dogs. While these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, they do underscore one inescapable fact: CBD oil for dogs is one truly beneficial product every pet parent should start to consider giving to their respective dogs.

Olivia Williams is mum of 2 and a true animal lover with 3 dogs, 2 cats and a parrot called Charlie. Heading up the content for My Pet Needs That amongst a busy family schedule, her goal is to try help people all around the world become better pet owners.