Microchip or Collar?

Identifying your Cat – Collar or Micro-Chip, Which is Best?


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By mariedogwalker  April 21, 2013

If your kitty stays inside they are protected by the safety of the indoors, but a cat’s natural curiosity makes them great escape artists.  An open door or window may prove too much of a temptation and before you know it kitty is outside.  Have you taken precautions that will help protect a cat who chooses to escape and visit the outdoors? Two forms of ID you may want to consider: Collar or Micro-Chip. But which is best?

Why wear a collar?

  • Identification is essential in the event that they are separated from their home.  Collars with an identification tag can help with their safe return.
  • The jingling of the tag and/or bell attached to the collar will prevent kitty from being able to sneak up on and catch birds and mice.  The sound from the collar can also help to locate a cat who likes to hide.
  • They can be a cute fashion accessory

When deciding on whether or not to get a collar for your cat consider the following:

  • Collars can be a choking hazard.  Make sure the collar is equipped with an easy trip latch or has an elastic insert that will allow the collar to stretch over cat’s head.
  • Many cats don’t like the feel of a collar and will attempt to remove it, not a difficult task for a cleaver kitty. Once the collar is off their identification is gone as well. Cat’s are more likely to accept wearing a collar if they begin wearing one at a young age.
  • Wearing a collar every day will cause matting of the fur of long-haired cats.

An alternative form of identification that is both safe and effective is the micro-chip. Micro-chips are small devices (about the size of a grain of rice) that are surgically embedded in the shoulder area of your cat in a quick and painless procedure that is performed in a veterinarian’s office. This tiny device holds identifying information including family name, address, and phone number that is revealed when scanned.

Why micro-chip?

  • Once inserted, your cat will always have their identification.
  • The device cannot be lost or removed by kitty.
  • Provides security for the lifetime of your cat.

Although highly effective for helping with the safe return of your lost kitty, some fear that inserting a foreign object into your cat’s body and may result in future health issues.

Only you can decide what is best for your cat.  Or, if kitty refuses to wear a collar, they may decide what is best for them!  Either way, proper identification can be the difference between a kitty either lost or found.

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