The Minskin

The MINSKIN, aka HoBBiT-cat

The Minskin is a noticeably stocky and small cat with a sweet expression and hobbit-like appearance. They are healthy but unusual looking with large round eyes, a rounded head and a semi-cobby body. These cats are easy to identify by their fur-pointed coat and their short-stature.

Minskins have closely packed fur on the outer extremities (fur-points) which define the entire mask, ears, legs and tail.  The fur on the legs especially, has a textured satin sheen.

Fur-points are defined by the density of the fur on their outer extremities in comparison to the rest of the body which is sparser coated. The Minskin coat has an overall look and feel of a soft cashmere garment. They are quite warm to the touch.

The short-stature of the Minskin accentuates their hobbit-like appeal. Their size and stature does not hamper mobility or quality of life. They are swift and agile, sweet tempered and respond well to being handled.

  • BREED TYPE: Man-made (hybrid breed
  • BODY TYPE: Semi-cobby
  • COAT TYPE:  Shorthair (fur-points with a cashmere torso) non-shed coat
  • SIZE:  Stocky and small
  • TEMPERAMENT:  Sweet, affectionate, friendly, playful, non-destructive, confident, outgoing, people oriented and gets along with others.
  • COLORS:  All division of all colors, patterns and categories. 
  • ORIGIN: Boston Massachusetts USA, Minskin Breed Founder: Paul McSorley – TRT Cattery (TheRiteType)

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