Mosquitoes and Other Summer Pests


This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Kari Oakley

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Tips For Controlling Bug Invasions To Keep Your Dogs Safe

If you love the great outdoors but do not like the pests that accompany the warmer months, then read further to find a few helpful tips that will help you fight back. You can easily rid your home, as well as your pet’s home, from invasive species such as the wasp like dirt dauber,  spiders, and mosquitoes.

Even though a dirt dauber is not known to sting like a wasp or bee; they are still quite intruding when they dive bomb your head as you try to walk through your yard. It is best to seal any cracks or holes on the exterior of your home to ensure you have eliminated harborage sites. You
can easily decipher if the insect invasion you are dealing with is that of a Mud Dauber, because they construct their nests primarily from mud that has been harvested from the females. You
may feel the need to remove their nests, however, just be aware of the fact that they feed on
other species such as spiders. Nonetheless, if you want to remove their nests you can simply
sweep away their nests made of mud to lessen fear or stress that may accompany these flying

It is necessary to ensure you have prepared your pet for their fun in the sun; this is simply
because as the months get warmer insects tend to breed and explode in population. As long as
you have invested into a reliable treatment such as spot-on-treatments, you will find that your
dog suffers less from insects such as ticks and fleas. It is necessary to protect them through the
summer months, because many insects carry diseases that are harmful to humans as well as
pets. While treating them monthly helps lessen the chances they will carry insects in and out of
your home, it is still necessary to check their coat thoroughly every time they enter your home.
This will help minimize the dangers of having disease carriers roaming freely around your home.  Make sure you vacuum your floors as well as your pet’s bedding at least once a week to keep your home free from an insect invasion. If you find that you are already dealing with unwanted insects in your home, then consider using an insecticide that will not harm your family or your pet.

To lessen the population of insects such as mosquitoes, it is necessary to ensure there is no
standing water in places such as flower pots. Mosquitoes tend to breed rapidly, and oftentimes
they take over the cooler hours of the night that many of us enjoy. Consider adding plants that
repel these pesky insects. There are multiple varieties of plants such as lemon grass, citronella,
peppermint, and even lavender that are very beneficial in the fight against these blood sucking
insects. Not to mention, you will also love the aroma that accompanies these defensive plants.

As long as you mow your grass regularly, ensure there is no standing water, and you keep your
home and pet’s bedding clean, then there is less of a chance that you or your pet will suffer from
any of these unwanted pests. If you feel the need to invest into repellents or insecticides, then
just make sure they are not going to be harmful for you or your pet. With so many natural
remedies online you can easily find a recipe that will help reduce the infestations that often
accompany the warmer months. You can opt to make treats for your pet that will offer protection from the inside out. A simple concoction of peanut butter, coconut oil, and baker’s yeast is a perfect defense that your pet will enjoy consuming daily. You will also find that their coat is shinier, their breath smells better, and they enjoy laying in the grass far more than they did before they were treated.

You are the only person that can protect your home, as well as your dog from invasive species
that thrive in the great outdoors. Just remember to read the labels of any products you intend on using to protect your animal. Most importantly, remember to seal up any cracks or holes to
reduce the risk of flying insects making their home right at your front door.

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