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Photos and editing provided by the  Gonduzo-Alkonyat Mudi kennel

The Mudi is a rare Hungarian herding dog who is a true working dog loyal to its job.  It will have to know and trust a person before bonding.  Once that happens the Mudi is easy-going, affectionate, very obedient and are not typically dominant.  They are good with children and other pets especially if raised with them as a puppy.  Puppies can be somewhat demonstrative and vocal, and need early socialization.  Training is best accomplished with positive reinforcement and not through dominant tactics.  This is a smart, sensitive breed who must have respect from the owner, and the owner will have the respect of the dog.

The Mudi prefers living in the house with its family and is best suited for rural living where it can get out often.  They will bark at unexpected noises but may be able to be trained on command to stop (a reason why they may not be suited for apartment/urban living).   They enjoy exercise outdoors (walking, frisbee, obedience, agility and actually herding) and relaxation indoors (watching doggie movies).  Mudis are typically dogs that can be let off leash as they do not go far from their owners.  They are light to average shedders, and their coats are naturally repellent to dirt if properly fed and maintained.

Average Height(“‘s)
Average Weight (#’s)
Notes for owners
The height and weight are given from the lowest for a female to the highest for a male.
Wavy/curly Brush during shedding Early socialization.

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