Multiple Dogs


July 15, 2012 posted by Sara B. Hansen

By Kelly Marshall

Often dog owners wonder if it’s better to have to dogs than one.

The truth is if you plan to leave your dog during the day while you are at work, it may be better to have two so that they can keep each other company.

Give your dog a name that suits his personality.

Browning, a beagle-labrador mix, and Finley, a beagle-cocker spaniel mix snuggle on the couch.


While all dogs prefer to be with their owners, having two dogs is a way to keep them occupied when you are out. Moreover, it helps them to learn to interact with other dogs so that they know how be well behaved when it comes to canine interactions.

It may not be a wise idea to adopt a puppy if you have a senior dog because this can cause tension in the home.

The best way is to either adopt two puppies at the same time, or adopt one and get him accustomed to the family and then bring in another puppy.

They will keep each other entertained for hours when they are puppies and then grow to be best buddies when they are adults. This way when you are out to work or the family is a way for the day; your dogs can keep each other company so they are not all alone.

Often people think they must get two males or two females for compatibility, but a male and female together make excellent companions for each other, but make sure they are spayed or neutered as they reach puberty or you may end up with an unexpected litter of puppies.

Two males together as they grow into adulthood and depending on the breed may end up fighting over territory, where a male and female typically do not because the female is normally (though not always) the dominant one and the male has no problem with this arrangement.

Keep in mind two dogs means double the training and double the feeding bill. It also means double the cleanup in the backyard, but the reward of owning two dogs is priceless.

If you do not think you can take care of two dogs, you can get along with just one and many dogs live as singletons in the home their entire lives and are quite content because they know nothing else. This works well if you work from home or someone is always home so that your dog does not get lonely.

Most dog owners do tend to have at least two dogs because they believe the dogs can keep each other company when they family is away.

Just make sure when you are home that you pay attention to your dogs. You cannot expect another dog to take the place of human interaction.

The best time to introduce a second dog is when your dog is still a puppy or when he is younger than five years old.

If you want to adopt a full-grown dog, take your dog with you to your local animal shelter and see how he or she gets along with some of the other dogs; often your pup can help you in choosing the second dog.

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