My Dog Won’t Stop Barking

My Dog Won’t Stop Barking



Dogs love to bark. They bark at the neighbor, the neighborhood cat, a funny sound, or even a curtain blowing in the wind. But all that barking can be end up being very annoying or even cause issues with your neighbors.

To start, consider why a dog barks. What is it they are trying to say? Are they telling you something or are they just speaking their mind.   For the most part, dogs bark to warn you or someone else, like a stranger or what they believe to be a stranger. The best place to start is by socializing them. Keep their mind entertained. This will help reduce the urge to bark at the unknown because now they know what or who it is. Regular visits to the park and interaction with other animals is very helpful. Most dogs bark because they don’t know what it is that they see or even hear. As they interact with the world around them, it ceases to be a mystery and is now simply a part of their life.

They could also be restless or bored. Consider that a barking dog basically wants to bring attention to themselves. A lonely dog is more likely to bark than a frequently active dog. Plenty of attention and exercise will help keep their minds and body stimulated which will help reduce their desire to get your attention (like wanting to play).

Behavior training is also important. Introduce them to all of your regular visitors and what sounds to expect from their environment. In some cases, a dog barks much like a baby cries- for attention. If your dog is barking, don’t give them treats until they stop. You don’t want to reinforce unwanted behavior.

This brings us to the act of stimulating barking. Avoid barking cues, such as seeing another dog outside or even when someone is meowing like a cat. Use distractions to get them away from cued situations. Call them away from an open window or a situation that is enticing the barking.

Of course, you must also consider your dog’s needs. They may be trying to tell you something important, Hungry or thirsty? Maybe they need to potty? Remember that barking is your dog’s way of talking very loud to make sure you can hear them. If your dog comes to get you and barks, you may want to see what they’re barking about.

For the most part, dogs bark because they are trying to tell you something. Excessive barking can be very annoying, but do keep in mind that it is also their way of telling you something, especially if something strange is going on in your home.

By ensuring your dog gets plenty of socialization, training, and exercise, you can curb excessive barking habits. Just remember to always listen to your dog when they speak because they are probably trying to tell you something important, even if it is just about the ball stuck under the couch.

Author Bio: Brandon Kennington is the inventor and owner of the Porch Potty – the world’s first automatic grass dog litter box.  As dog owner and a busy business owner, Brandon invented the Porch Potty when he didn’t want his dog to have to wait all day to go. 

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