My Valentine


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Ten Reasons

In the spirit of February and the impending V Day… .here are 10 reasons why having a dog (or cat, bird, lizard, any other pet) is better:

  • They don’t or won’t expect flowers, expensive jewelry, lingerie, what have you… .they don’t expect anything (but a treat or new toy would be sweet).
  • They will watch whatever movie you want…just as long as they are snuggled next to you.
  • They are totally happy to see you no matter how you look, whether you are late or if you went out, had a little much to drink, came home and said or did some stupid things.
  • They will pretty much like whatever you try to cook, lick their plate clean and won’t tell you if it was awful.
  • They won’t hold a grudge (at least not for very long).
  • They will listen to you for hours without interrupting and will act like whatever you are saying is the most interesting and intelligent thing in the whole world.
  • They will limit their time in the bathroom to a quick drink (if that’s their thing) and will never use all the hot water.
  • They don’t really care about previous dogs, cats, birds, animals in your life, or even previous significant other people in your life.
  • Their parents will never come to visit.
  • And number one, you can see in their eyes they adore you and if they could speak, they would say “I love you!”

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