Napping with Cats



This article was provided to Pet Guardian Angels of America by MattressOnline


Snuggling up with your feline friend is the choice of many cat owners. It can be calming, release stress, and promote bonding with your cat. Unfortunately, sharing your bed with a cat isn’t always conducive to getting a good night’s sleep. This is because cats tend to be nocturnal, which can lead to some pretty irritating behaviors. Which cat owner hasn’t been woken up by a cat pummeling their chest or nibbling on their toes?

About the Napping with Cats Guide

This guide is to help you get your cat sleeping peacefully in your bedroom. The first part of the graphic gives you tips on how to prepare your cat for bedtime. We then outline some negative behaviors and how to correct them. Hopefully, this will enable you to have a good night’s sleep and have your cat share your bed. Although, if we’re honest, we all know the cat will get its own way in the end. They always do.