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You know the folly of pet shop purchases but the BBB exposed a 2017 credit card scam that triples the cost of a pet by converting a purchase into a lease!

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The Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs report the credit card “purchase” is actually a hidden lease costing “two or three times the original cost of the pet over the years”. The puppy buyer thinks they are buying a puppy. The price is high, much more than buying from a reputable breeder (see below) but it is usually an impulse purchase.

It’s the famous “doggie in the window” effect pet shops depend on.

Cuddling the puppy, the buyer hands over their credit card to pay for the purchase. Distracted, they sign the “guarantee” and/or “pet care instructions” not realizing it is a lease agreement! What often happens is they have just leased a pet through a company called Wags Lending and it may be financed by yet another company known as Monterey Financial Services which has a high scam and complaints rating. This heart-wrenching fraud is not confined to puppy purchases.

Bloomberg News{1} reported one of many examples of pet purchase fraud. A typical case involved “A cat person who described buying a Bengal kitten from a breeder in Jacksonville, Florida, at a sticker price of $1,700.” The proud new owner of the exotic Bengal Kitten later learned “they were on the hook for 32 monthly payments of $129, or about $4,100.”

Consumer Affairs published a case involving a couple in Hamburg, New York who knowingly “financed 2 dogs in a pet shop in the Erie County area.” The dogs cost over $5,000 which in itself is a financial scam for what is usually puppy mill produce. “The dogs were financed under Monterey Financial Services” and this family is pursuing a lawsuit against the pet shop.

Let your friends and family know about this particular pet shop problem. Sure, you’ve told them to stay out of pet shops and not contribute to the cruelty and inhumane conditions under which “crops” of puppies and kittens are produced. They may not take you seriously, after all you are a “breeder” (implying you have an axe to grind against pet shops that compete for buyer $$ dollars) but this scam is spreading like wildfire.

The worst part is that pet rental is a legally binding rental contract in many states.

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