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How to keep your home clean after getting a puppy

Puppies may be cute, but they sure are messy! Bringing home a new puppy comes with a lot of responsibilities. And if you’re not prepared for those responsibilities, a puppy can quickly destroy your house. They will chew up your shoes, piddle on your floors, and leave their hair all over your furniture.

Luckily, there are a few simple ways to keep your home clean after bringing that puppy home. That new puppy might be able to steal your heart, but it isn’t going to take over your home!

Know the breed before you adopt Before you even adopt a puppy, research the breed to see how much grooming is required and to learn about the characteristics of the breed. Don’t wait until you bring that cute new puppy home to ask yourself “Wait, do Cocker Spaniels shed?” or “Why is my Golden Retriever chewing everything?”.

Researching beforehand can help you know what you’re getting into. For example, if you don’t want a puppy that sheds a lot, an internet search will lead you to puppies such as the Bichon Frise. And if you’re not prepared for a puppy that chews everything, you might want to consider an older dog.

Keep puppy in a small area

Many owners make the mistake of letting their new puppy have the whole run of the house before the puppy is trained. To help keep your puppy from getting into everything, try to contain them in one area of the house. Try to find an area that has an easy-to-wash floor, such as a kitchen or laundry room.

Place some sort of bedding down on the floor that can be easily cleaned, some newspapers, and a few toys. You can let the puppy out when you’re prepared to keep a close eye on it, but otherwise, keep them in their special area.

Potty training is a must

Puppies that aren’t potty trained are going to piddle and poo all over your floors. If you don’t want your carpet stained, start potty training right away.

Decide if you want your puppy to use absorbent pads or go outside. Keep in mind that if you use absorbent pads, your puppy might develop a habit of going potty inside. Whenever you notice your puppy starting to go, take them to wherever you want them to do their business. Once they go in the right spot, make sure to give them plenty of praise and treats!

Start command training ASAP

In addition to potty training, start teaching your puppy basic commands, such as sit and stop. That way, whenever they start chewing on your shoes, you can sternly tell them to stop! Learning basic commands can help teach your puppy how they should behave in the house. This can help keep your house looking clean.

Command training can take a while, depending on the breed of puppy. If you’re struggling to train your puppy, you might need to consider taking them to obedience school. Otherwise, your puppy will grow into a disobedient dog who destroys your home.

Learn how to groom puppy

If you want to keep your puppy’s hair from taking over your house or those sharp little nails from destroying your hardwood floor, start learning how to groom your puppy. Grooming is an essential part of taking care of a dog.

Some breeds of dogs need brushed out every few days, will other breeds might only need brushed every other week. And while it can be nerve-wracking to trim those tiny nails for the first time, trimming nails does get easier with practice. Plus, getting your puppy used to being groomed is easier than trying to get an older dog used to grooming.

Start a cleaning schedule

No matter how well-trained and well-groomed your puppy is, there are still going to be some messes. It is hard to eliminate dog hair or muddy paw prints completely! Little messes are a part of dog ownership, but that doesn’t mean the messes have to ruin your house.

Develop a cleaning schedule to help cleaning from becoming overwhelming. Assign each cleaning task, such as vacuuming, a day of the week. Of course, if your puppy piddles on your floors, you’re not going to want to wait until the next scheduled cleaning day to clean up that mess!

Final thoughts

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is an exciting experience, but be prepared for some messes! Containing your puppy, working on training, and creating a cleaning schedule are all ways to help keep your house clean.

As your puppy gets a little bigger and starts exploring the rest of the house, make sure to have plenty of chew toys on hand and to keep up with your cleaning schedule. Keep in mind that older dogs can be just as messy as puppies!

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