Norwegian Forest Cat


Photos from Norskatt Norwegian Forest Cats

The Norwegian Forest Cat as similar to the Maine Coon Cat.  Long, double-layered coat that requires some grooming.  Its face is between round-shaped with tufted ears.  Bright emerald green eyes with a band of gold.  Superb hunter and would prefer to gather its own food.

  • BREED TYPE:  Natural
  • BODY TYPE:  Cobby
  • COAT TYPE: Longhair
  • SIZE:  Large
  • TEMPERAMENT:  Homebody.  Patient and excellent with children.  Loves to climb and be in high places.  Kind, gentle and loving.  It can be addictive (“you can’t have just one”).
  • COLORS: Black and white.  Blue-cream smoke and white.  Blue tabby and white, brown tabby and white.  Black smoke and white.

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