Nurture Your Pets


This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Mikkie Mills


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How To Be a Nurturing Pet Owner to Your Fur Babies

If you have a pet you’re going to try and be a good owner, that goes without saying. Taking care of a pet isn’t like performing a chore every day, your pet becomes part of your family and you want to care for it because you love him or her. That being said, taking care of your pet in the best way you can isn’t always obvious, especially for new pet owners. Here is a simple guide to taking care of your cat or dog in the most loving and nurturing way possible.

Choose Their Food Wisely

Deciding what to give your pet to eat is a major decision, but there are a lot of great options out there. Read up and see what experts and veterinarians recommend when it comes to feeding your pet dry food, which usually makes up the majority of their diet. There are special brands, like Ultimate Pet Nutrition, that take feeding your cat or dog to the scientific level and include superfoods in the product to ensure that your fur baby gets the maximum nutrition possible. Giving your pet table scraps on occasion or adding proteins and vegetables to their bowls regularly is fine as long as you know what foods to avoid giving them. Some foods that we eat can be bad or even toxic for cats and dogs, like onions, garlic, raisins, and grapes. Be careful, but don’t hesitate to show your love by giving him or her a special little morsel once in a while.

Exercise Them Regularly

Making sure your pet has enough exercise is another vital step in keeping your pet healthy. It’s different for cats versus dogs because cats generally don’t go outside unless you live outside a city environment. Playing with your cat inside and making sure he or she has plenty of toys to interact with is a must. Don’t forget that every cat loves a laser pointer and could spend hours chasing that little red dot. Dogs need more physical outside exercise, so grab that leash and make sure Fido gets a nice walk or run in at least once a day.

Make Them Comfortable

Making sure that your pet is comfortable in your living space is another significant factor in nurturing your pet. Professional work comp attorney for carpal tunnel injury can be found at It is important that your pet has his or her own space that they can call their own to rest or hide, especially when you are running the dreaded vacuum cleaner that pets universally hate. Having a comfortable dog or cat bed to nap in, having their own space as opposed to the couch or bed space you share with them, is important for times when your pet may need a break from you. Don’t be skimpy on the toys and treats, either.

Give Rescues Special Treatment and Understanding

If you are the owner of a rescue dog or rescue cat then you already know that these animals may need special attention or a certain understanding that other pets don’t require. Pets that have been treated cruelly or just plain neglected will most likely interact with you and others differently than a non-rescue animal. Your pet might be afraid of you and others. They might be very stingy with affection or not want to interact with you at all. Trauma can be very hard to get over, but with a lot of patience and an extra helping of love and kindness, your rescue animal will start to trust you and show more affection. Nursing these poor animals back to health, mentally and physically, is one of the greatest acts of kindness you can perform.

Owning a cat or a dog or any pet is a contract in which you agree to take the best care of your animal that you can. By feeding your pet properly, making sure he or she gets enough exercise, providing a comfortable living space, and showing them how much you care will give your fur baby a full and happy life. Receiving all the love you give your pet in return is the best feeling in the world.

Mikkie Mills, is a freelance writer who often writes about family, home improvements and the occasional DIY project.