Nurturing Your pet


This resource was provided to Pet Guardian Angels of America by Cary Teller


Photo by Pixabay


You are either a pet person or you aren’t. If you are a pet lover, chances are you will always have one in your life. Pet owners form a bond with their little friends that cannot be fully explained in words. Your pet becomes a part of your family as you discover those little quirky traits in them just like you do with the humans in your life. And, you will nurture and protect them as you would any other member of the family. But, what if your schedule becomes so hectic that you feel like you are neglecting your little friend. Here are a few tips to give you some ideas to make sure that your pet is taken care of.

Schedule One-On-One Time

Your pet actually has its own schedule and will learn your particular schedule over time. For instance, they know when you wake up and they usually know when its time to eat. They plan the rest of their day around any interaction they have with you. And, they crave your attention. So, it’s a good idea to try to make room in your schedule for bonding time. They will be lonely all day without you and will look forward to these precious few minutes in the morning or evening or both. You could even get a little exercise with them by going for a walk or playing in the yard. A little bit of attention goes a long way. Just remember to maintain the schedule at a consistent time.

Utilize A Dog-Walker

If your work schedule takes you out of the house for too many hours, you could consider hiring a dog-walker. It’s a great service if you can find someone reliable and trusted. You would not only be trusting them with your pet, but, your home as well as they will be in your living area while you are working. Dog-walking services are usually easily found and with good references. Just in case, though, you might want to have security cameras in place for your peace of mind. Not only would you feel safer letting a stranger into your home, you could also see how they are interacting with your pet. A good dog-walker is a great way to add a little more routine to your dogs day and give them a chance to go outside on those long days while you are working.

Consider A Pet-sitter

Some animals, especially dogs, may not be able to be alone for too many hours without creating havoc. Try as you might at keeping them under control while you are gone, they just miss you so much that the boredom may cause them to act out and get into things that they would never touch if you were there. Or maybe, the loneliness causes your dog to show signs of depression. There are some very qualified pet daycare centers you could consider or you can even hire someone to watch your pet in your home to help your pet. You should be just as diligent, if not more so, at verifying the credentials of anyone spending this much time with your pet. While this option can be a little costly, it is a great way to keep your pet occupied while you are at work.

So, for all you pet lovers out there who are worried about how you are going to take care of your little friends, there is hope. Unfortunately, too many people become overwhelmed at providing their pets with a suitable home life when their lives get too hectic and they end up finding a new home for their pet. But, whether you decide to focus on your schedule and routine or you seek outside help, there are ways that you can still keep your pet with you and happy while you maintain your busy day-to-day life.

“Cary Teller is an Oregon native who loves exploring the outdoors with his trusty sidekick Milo, a 2-year old gorgeous and cuddly mastiff.”