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5 Things You Need To Know When Shopping For Parrot Cages

By : Arron Stewart

With all of the different parrot cages that are available today, finding just the right one for you and your adoring parrot can be a challenge. Finding just the right cage is very important for both you and your parrot.

Just like your own house, parrot bird cages can also be found in a variety sizes and shapes and colors. When looking for the perfect parrot cage, consider these 5 important tips. click here to investigate.

1. Top Quality Craftsmanship

Its hard to find parrot cages that are made in the United States and the ones that you can find are usually very costly. Most of the stores that sell cages online and in pet stores get their parrot bird cages from China. China builds these cages in bulk from cheap materials to save money and then they sell the same cages to all of the stores and they put their own name on them.

Believe it or not, some of the best quality parrot cages are made in Pakistan. Manufacturers in Pakistan take great pride in their craftsmanship and produce some of the best quality products in the world.

2. Quality Matters

A good quality bird cage will be put together using bolts and screws making it sturdier and last for a very long time. Nearly all of the Parrot cages on the market are made very cheaply. You can pick up a low cost parrot cage made in China for about $200 or so. Most of these cages just snap together and will clatter and make a lot of noise. Don’t fall for the sales pitch that says “our cages snap together in just a few minutes”, the little time you save is not worth it and you will end up disappointed and looking for another cage within a year.

3. Do They Stand Behind Their Products?

Besides looking for parrot cages that are well constructed, is the company willing to back up their products with an awesome guarantee? Most retailers will only give you a one, two and if your lucky a three year warranty. If anything goes wrong with your cage after that then you are out of luck. Don’t settle for anything less that a 4 or 5 year guarantee.

4. Is The Cage Safe For Your Parrot?

This may not seem to be that big of a deal, but there are a lot of parrot bird cages on the market today that contain cretin levels of toxins that can be harmful to your parrot. Look for cages that they not only say they are safe for your bird, but have be labratory tested to be free from any dangerous toxins that can hurt your loving parrot. Go to to control addiction.

5. Look For stores That Offer Free Shipping

Look for stores that offer free shipping without adding to the price of the parrot cage. If you spend a little time looking you will be able to find them. This alone could save you around $200 or so.

Whether you are a first time parrot owner or have been the proud owner for many years, following these tips on shopping for parrot cages will allow you to enjoy your bird for a long time.

Author Resource:- If you have done your homework while shopping for parrot bird cages you will enjoy your cage for years to come. Remember, choosing the right parrot cage for your parrot is important to your parrots health.

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