Personal Benefits of Pets


This article was provided to Pet Guardian Angels of America by Carl McLean and AnimalMentor


The Not-So Obvious Benefits of Being a Pet Owner

People all over the country own pets for many different reasons, some of the most common
being companionship, as well as a love of their unique traits and temperaments and maybe to
some degree even their aesthetic appeal and physical characteristics.

In many cases people become pet owners for all of these reasons combined and for that we
owe our furry friends (or perhaps scaly friends) so much.

The benefits of some pets are not always so obvious though, an example of this is one of the
most common pets found in American homes: dogs. In fact, modern research is beginning to
uncover many other benefits our four legged friends provide that you may not have ever
considered before.

AnimalMentor created a great infographic that highlights some of the latest findings; be sure
to check out their full article here.

Carl is a pet advice and wildlife blogger and will hopefully be providing more pet related articles.