Pet Cleanliness



This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Mikkie Mills


5 Helpful Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners


Animals have a special place in our heart, but their place in our home can make living with them
uncomfortable or nearly unbearable. Keeping house is a struggle for most people; for those with
pets it’s certainly harder. Any animal will add a new smell and new responsibility to maintaining
the home. Listed below are five helpful cleaning tips for pet owners to try if they haven’t
implemented them already.

1. Be prepared

Some pet owners aren’t nearly prepared enough for the amount of responsibility that comes
with taking care of their (possibly) furry friend. Depending on the type and size of animals,
people should be prepared to invest in more durable materials. This could mean upgrading a
sofa or buying a higher quality vacuum cleaner.

Having pets also means having the right supplies to clean them and clean up after them. Like
us, animals are sensitive to certain materials, so there may even be some cleaning supplies
currently in use that should be discontinued. Baking soda is a great deodorizer for animal
smells, and it’s not too harsh. Pet lovers should choose the right tools when cleaning around

2. Keep Animals Groomed

Groomed animals make a big difference when it comes to their well-being as well as the
condition of the house in which they live. Dirt that isn’t sitting on animals also isn’t sitting in the
house, so owners should keep towels by the door to collect some of the dirt coming in. Dirt is
going to come into the home, but putting a limit on it by doing little things like wiping feet on
muddy days help tremendously.

While animals shouldn’t be washed with shampoo too frequently, they can be washed with water
to remove layers of dirt more often. They should also be brushed often. Even if owners don’t
bathe their dogs every week, just wiping them down can keep them clean without drying out
their skin. Owners should set up a grooming routine that works well with their house cleaning

3. Control the Carpet

Carpeted floors can add comfort to the home, but sometimes they can be a hassle to maintain.
Regular vacuuming is a necessary part of keeping the carpet clean. (Some may even consider
purchasing an automatic vacuum to help sweep on the busy days.) Lint rollers are a great
investment for collecting hair
from furniture and fabric in between vacuuming and washing ?

Deep cleaning sessions are a necessity as well; some of that hair gets tangled in the carpet and
needs dislodged . Additionally, there is the issue of odor. Owners should react to accidents
quickly; white vinegar may be the best carpet cleaner for pet urine. Allowing some fresh air to
flow through the home will surely help with the smell as well.

4. Maintain their Things

When animals are clean, their things should be cleaned. Baking soda is a great cleaner for dog
beds and toys. Animal toys collect a lot of hair and dirt just like their previously mentioned dog
beds. Perhaps a cap should be placed on the amount of toys the animals are allowed at a time.
Time takes its toll on their things, so owners should go through them and dispose of the truly
worn ones. Owners should consider installing a pet cleaning area to make it easier to maintain
their pet and their pet’s things.

5. Keep Pet Areas Clean

Having designated areas for pets helps with maintaining the house. Animal beds can help
collect loose fur from where animals are lounging, but those areas have greater amounts of fur
(meaning they will probably need cleaned more often). These pet areas contain any toys, dog
beds, and food bowls, and it is important to have a few of them so animals feel at home
somewhere in the house. For those with cats (or other animals whose feces need removed from
the home), the litter box should be put in a designated area and scooped and cleaned regularly.


Keeping house while loving the animals that dirty it is the ultimate goal. All animals will produce
a smell, get hungry, leave a mess, make some noise, and altogether reshape the living
environment. Pet lovers may need to make a few adjustments, but these are likely to lessen the
stress of cleaning up after pets and free up more time for loving them.

Mikkie Mills, is a freelance writer who often writes about family, home improvements and the occasional DIY project.