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On an average day, a phone call is made to an emergency rescue agency every second in the US.

Almost 50% of those emergency situations involve pets, which may need rescuing from house fires, building collapses, automobile accidents, unforeseen accidents (pet trapped or injured), and abandonment due to the pet parents’ medical emergency or death.

Pet parents must understand animals only have between 5 to 20 minutes before they suffer from smoke inhalation
and die, depending on their lung size, type of animal and location in the fire, so being prepared is crucial to save a
pet’s life, particularly with dogs that hyper ventilate when excited.

However the statistics of pet’s dying in house fires have NOT change in 20 yrs. even though there are over 100 different types of pet window stickers sold and countless “free” stickers that continue to be handed out.

Why? The reason behind this disparity is somewhat of a shocker: Emergency
personnel such as firefighters, paramedics and police officers all report that they ignore these stickers. And some even call these stickers a “hazard to emergency personnel”

Basically emergency personnel are faced with another “boy who cried wolf” situation. Too often firefighters risk their lives searching for pets that weren’t there, following the urgent request of a “Help My Pet” sticker that was outdated or had been placed on the window by the previous tenants.

Firefighters also cite the time element as a critical factor in the race to save lives, both human and animals and
state “In emergency situations, time is of the extremely important and having all the pet’s details, especially their name, fear factors and handicaps is very helpful”.

What is needed to help first responders during a 911 call that involves pets?

A pet information system that can be trusted and as up-to-date and accurate as possible, which is easily accessible at the scene of the emergency, which is not stationary or attached to a window pane, and should be readable in poor visibility, such as smoke and through a firefighter’s air mask, plus be able to be evacuated with the pets. The Information should include; what type of pet is in the house, auto or RV, how many, what location or room, if caged, any health issues, phone contacts and owners’ name, as well as pets’ names in order to protect first responders and assist in the pet’s rescue.

A window sticker alone is not enough and cannot fill these needs.

Thus the Pet Alert Emergency Information System (E.I.S.) kit was born to meet their requirements.

Every pet parent must realize their pet’s survival counts on them and by providing proper information with the
recognized system Pet Alert E.I.S. helps increase their pet’s survival and assist in their rescue, especially if
their pet is trapped or unconscious in a house fire, auto accident. It will also help pets to be care for and not be
abandoned, if the pet parent is hospitalized.

The Pet Alert Emergency Information System Doorknob Hanger with the Vital Information Card and pet’s photos enclosed for identification, is the proven system for home emergencies; it is easily accessible, visible, has all the vital and pertinent information located inside the home, so no information is given to strangers. Plus it is portable and can be taken with the animals, if evacuation is needed.

The Pet Alert Emergency Information System Auto Mirror Tag, RV Dashboard Placard and Pet Owner’s Wallet Card all carry the same up-to-date information to help first responders know what type of pet they are dealing with in an emergency outside the home and who they can contact to care for the animal in case of injury or death of the
pet owner, which can be a great help when dealing with out-of-state visitors.

It’s not that pet parents are uncaring in leaving their animals open to potential jeopardy.

Rather, most people simply do not fully appreciate how much their pets and animals depend on them as
caregivers for their very existence and future.

Please remember “Fur babies are just like children” only with four legs and they depend on you.

Be Pet Alert today by using the Pet Alert EIS kit and give your pets a life-line to safety 24/7/365.

Learn how you can keep your pet home and surrounding safe all year long with the “Guide to Pet Safety”
handbook written by Camy Thumwood to keep all pets safe 24/7/365.

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Pet Alert is dedicated to pet safety and fire life safety education that focuses on safeguarding first responders, pets and animals during all types of 911 emergency situations, by giving pet parents the proper way to have correct information at hand for emergency personnel so pets won’t be overlooked, left behind or sent to the animal shelter.

Pet Alert also teaches pet parents about how to keep their home pet safe and to be disaster prepared for all their companion animals and livestock.