Pet Ownership

Some People Shouldn’t Own a Dog or Other Pet


Taking responsibility for another life, whether it is a human or a pet is a big task that should not be taken lightly. Pet owners realize the seriousness of this decision and often count their pets as their family members because of the emotional bond they create with this pet. Some individuals are not stable to own a pet or care for another life and choose to damage pets in the process. The disregard for the needs, requirements or emotions of any pet is considered neglect. Pet owners seeking to change this trend should seek information on the needs of their breed and seek a new family member through adoption.

Pet ownership goes far beyond just putting a bowl of food outside and walking away. Ensuring your pet has the proper dietary needs; exercise and love are the main components of being a great pet owner. Many breeds require a certain amount of proteins, minerals and vitamins in their daily diet. Feeding any animal left over food is not suggested due to any chemicals or by products that could have been used during the cooking or prior to the purchase process. Pet owners who consider their pets family members are conscious of their dog’s needs and ensure they have everything they need by checking the label and researching the breed.

Exercise is more than just letting the dog run around in the backyard by itself. Pet owners enjoy routines that may include play groups or one on one exercising together.  Running, jogging, or taking a walk with your family pet creates a bond and relieves stress from each daily task. The owner is able to provide their pet with the energy needs and provide the opportunity to promote social skills. Teeing a family pet up is never recommended.

Often shelters or adoption agencies will provide advertisements with gruesome, heart wrenching images of animals treated cruelly. The treatment of these animals is due to the emotional, physical and mental neglect provided by an individual unfit to have a pet as a family member. The abuse caused to these pets often surpasses a set amount of time and requires patience from a new pet owner to reestablish trust. Pet owners are urged to show love and compassion to a neglected animal or to donate to shelters providing the care required to reestablish trust with these pets.

Abuse can come from neglecting a dog outside by tying it up, beating a dog, or even yelling. Pet owners are urged to view their pet as a family member and consider if they would provide the same reaction to a child. Often pets are very susceptible to all the tones and terms provided by the pet owner. If you know someone unfit to care for a pet please contact your local authorities.

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