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7 Tips on Getting Pet Travel Insurance


Going on a trip abroad with your pet is certainly going to be a totally new experience for you. Taking out pet travel insurance will give you the peace of mind that all costs related to an emergency with your four-legged companion will be paid by the insurer. Of course, not all policies are created equal so it is important to use some practical advice on how to select the best one for your pet and for you.

1) Consider getting single trip pet travel insurance.

There are annual policies as well, but the ones for a single trip work more simply and are much easier to understand. With a single trip plan, you are entitled to a set amount of cover for the entire trip. You will be able to make claim for as much as the maximum amount.

With an annual pet travel insurance policy, on the other hand, there may be restrictions on the number of trips which your pet will be covered for and/or on the number of claims which you can make. Besides, single trip plans usually offer larger amounts of cover as the risk of something going wrong with your pet whilst both of you are abroad is lower. Of course, if you will be travelling regularly with your furry friend, you should take out an annual policy.

2) Collect and compare pet travel insurance quotes.

This is perhaps the most important thing which you need to do in order to find the best policy for you. Even if your insurer offers such policies, you should certainly shop around. Collecting quotes is very easy. You just need to fill out an online form with correct information about you and your pet and you will get a full offer with prices. The service is typically very fast ant totally free of charge.

3) Figure out how useful the different types and amounts of cover benefits will be to you.

Check exactly what types of cover benefits are available with the different policies when comparing pet travel insurance. The main types of cover benefits are for vet fees, quarantine fees, lost documents, third party liability, holiday cancellation and repatriation. Most insurers will also cover theft and straying and death.

There are also policies which include accommodation cover benefit which will cover the cost of a longer stay in the respective country because of problems related to your pet. Evaluate each cover benefit separately and exclude the ones which may think that you will not need. In general, all of them are quite useful to have.

You should buy as much cover as you need with your pet travel insurance. Consider factors such as your pet’s health and age and the country which you will visit in order to decide on the exact amount. You would not want to end up paying a great chunk of a veterinary bill yourself just because you had not checked the typical vet fees in the country in advance.

4) Make sure that you know exactly how much you will pay in the form of premium and excess.

These should be clearly outlined on your policy certificate. You should be able to pay the excess fee out of your pocket in case you make a claim. Confirm that there are no special fees and other types of additional charges.

5) Check for discounts.

This is an absolute must when it comes to buying pet insurance. You may be able to save between 5 and 20 per cent on a policy. However, the discount may not be expressly advertised. Typically, you will be entitled to a discount if you already have pet insurance or any other type of policy with the same company. Check to see if you can get a discount for buying travel plans for you and for your pet from the same company. Buying the travel policy for your pet online may also allow you to save. You may be able to save if you purchase travel policies for multiple pets.

6) Confirm that your pet is eligible for the respective policy.

Most companies offering pet travel insurance will not cover certain types of dog breeds. They have lists of excluded dog breeds which you should check before buying a policy. There may be some age restrictions as well. Not all companies will agree to cover all kinds of pets. You may want to check specifically for the eligibility of your travel companion if it is a reptile or a bird.

7) Check for any exclusions and limitations.

These should be clearly outlined in the full terms and conditions of every pet travel insurance policy. Make sure that you read the wording of the policy before you buy it. There can be all kinds of exclusions and limitations that may leave you paying the full cost of something that your pet is covered for. For instance, most insurers will pay for the treatment of the pet only if the condition started during the trip.

Once you buy pet travel insurance, all that is left is to enjoy the trip with your companion. Make sure that you take all of its documents with you and have fun.

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