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Tips for Taking Your Pet on Vacation

Ah, vacation. That wonderful time of year where you pack up half the house and trek across the
state or country to explore new destinations, relax, and even try some new activities. Of course,
before you leave, there are many decisions you must make, like where to go, how to get there,
and what you should do with your pets. For many of us, taking them along on family vacation is
second nature. For others, you may be considering packing up the animals for the first time and
need a few tips. Well, don’t fret. If you’re looking for pet safety tips for traveling, we’ve got you covered with some of the best that you can use for camping trips, long flights, or car rides. Here are a few of our favorites.

Picking the Best Destination

There might be many places you want to visit, but if you’re planning on bringing your pet, you
need to make sure your animal will be greeted with open arms when you’re exploring. traveling
with dogs on vacation
might be a bit easier than taking a cat, iguana, or rabbit, so be sure to
consider the type of animal that will be traveling with you. Do a little research on the
communities you plan to visit to see what kind of policies they have about pets in restaurants ?
and other businesses. Learn about the local leash laws, and if there are any other regulations
you need to consider before you pick your destination.

You should also think about your pet’s personality. If you have a senior dog, exploring a forest or hiking for 12-hours a day might not be the best option. However, if you’re pet is young and full of adventure, this could be a great choice.

Think Safety First

When you start planning your vacation, you need to place the safety of your animals at the top
of the list. Schedule an appointment with your vet for a check-up to make sure your pet is
healthy enough to travel. It’s also a good idea to have your pet’s microchip checked to make
sure it’s in working order, just in case. Before you leave the office, ask for a current copy of your pet’s vaccination record to take with on the off chance you need it.

While you’re there, talk to your vet to see if they know of any veterinarians in the area you’re
visiting that they can recommend. If not, do a quick search for vet clinics in the area and read
reviews to make sure that the care they provide is safe. Also check for workers comp attorneys in CA at and save this information in your phone, computer, or in a notepad you plan to take with you on the trip.

Once you arrive, do a thorough check of your lodging accommodations to check for any
cleaners or poisons that might need to be put up high so that your pet doesn’t get into to them.
Many plants can cause stomach upset, and others can be toxic, so pay attention to the location
and move them if needed. You should also look at pantries and other cupboards for any foods
that could pose an issue. It’s a good idea to download the Animal Poison Control Center’s free
mobile app
so that you have quick access to support if needed.

If you end up in a part of the country that has more lenient laws for certain recreational activities or you bring your own marijuana products, there are a few things you should know about
cannabis and pets . Some cannabis products can help with anxiety and other conditions in animals, but you need to make sure that they don’t get too much because it can cause serious consequences. Store these products up high and keep pets away from any edibles, vapes, or other marijuana products.

Choosing Transportation

Getting your pet ready for travel takes a little preparation regardless if you’re flying or driving. Make sure you have a safety harness to keep them safe when walking and a seat belt to help
them stay in a safe position in case of a wreck. Keeping them harnessed or otherwise restrained
in the car will also keep them from wandering around and becoming a driving distraction that could lead to an accident.

Once you get your route planned, be sure to schedule in potty breaks at dog-friendly rest stops
or other areas with plenty of green space to get out for a break and to run off a little energy. ?
Never leave your pet unattended in a car because temperatures in a parked vehicle can sky-
rocket quickly, even if you leave the window cracked.

If you’re taking an airplane or other public transportation modes at any point on your trip, be
sure to check the rules on taking pets since many buses and airlines only allow registered
animals. If you’re worried about flying with your pet, there are a few pre-flight safety
you can perform to ease your mind. Arrive at the airport with plenty of extra time so that you can get through any additional security check-points. Take a look at the weather to ensure
you know what to expect once you’re up in the air. You should also talk to your veterinarian if
you think your pet’s anxiety might flare up on a flight to see if they recommend any medications
to keep them calm.

Get Ready to Enjoy Your Trip

You deserve a vacation. Heck, we even believe that your dog needs a vacation, too. If you have
a lizard, hedgehog, or other pet you want to take – we think they should be allowed to enjoy a
little rest and relaxation in a new destination as well. With these tips, you should be well on your way to a safe, relaxing, and adventurous holiday.

Noah Yarnol Rue is always looking where his next trip will take him . When he’s not traveling the world, he’s writing articles on the new things he learns. Noah also enjoys a good meme from time to time. You can find Noah on LinkedIn.