Pets and A Clean Truck


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Keep Your Truck Clean With These Pet-Friendly Tips

When you have a dog in your life, you probably want to take your furry friend with you wherever you go. Unfortunately, dogs live to the fullest and tend to be very messy as a result. This means the beautiful interior of your truck can fall prey to all sorts of wear and tear from the little paws of your pet. In order to keep your vehicle protected, you need to take a few precautionary steps. Making a few adjustments to your habits can do wonders for how your truck handles the presence of your pup.

Covers Are Ideal

Have you ever been in a home where all of the furniture is covered in plastic? It may seem excessive, but it is one way to keep dirt and dust off of important possessions. With your truck, this is a great mindset to copy to protect your vehicle’s interior from your dog. Instead of plastic, invest in seat covers designed for your specific vehicle. Whenever you plan on bringing your pup along with you for a ride, put the covers over the seats and shield the upholstery from the boisterous nature of your pet.

Clean Immediately

Even with seat covers, your dog is likely going to leave a little something behind after getting out of your vehicle. More often than not, this is going to be hair. When you’ve spent a good amount of money on investing in the best mid size truck, you don’t want the fur from your dog to ruin the spotless interior. To avoid this, get in the habit of cleaning as soon as you get home from a trip. Vacuum off the seat covers, the floors, and anywhere else fur might be hiding.

Funky Odors

Pets might be loving creatures, but most of them stink. Dogs love weird smells and will often roll around in a pile of whatever substance is most alluring. Unfortunately for humans, the smells canines enjoy are usually incredibly off-putting to owners. To prevent any of these funky smells from seeping into the fabric of your truck’s interior, clean regularly. Using a bit of baking soda or pet-safe carpet cleaner can be an efficient way of getting the smell out without putting in much of an effort.

Always Stay Prepared

You never know when your pup might have an accident while riding around in your truck. Even a well-trained dog may not be able to hold his or her business and make a mess inside your vehicle. Instead of being caught off-guard by this, it is best to stay prepared. Travel with gloves, paper towels, and a cleaning spray. You may also want to travel with a leash or gear that helps you pull to the side of the road and take your pup for a walk. Having these essentials in your truck is key to keeping things clean.

Treat the Interior

There are often certain sprays and treatments you may want to consider to prevent the interior of your vehicle from becoming stained. Though you may dedicate a lot of time to cleaning out the inside of your truck after your pet goes for a ride, some stains may slip by you. Instead of resigning yourself to ruined fabric, treat the seats in advance. This reduces the odds of a stain and helps you feel more confident in the overall appearance of your ride.

Crate Considerations

Though it isn’t always the preferred choice, using a crate can also limit the odds of a mess when your pet is traveling with you. If your pet doesn’t mind laying down in his or her crate for the duration of the trip, then you should think about the option. Some pets are not happy when placed in a crate, however, and it might add more frustration to your experience.
Taking your pup for a ride in your truck does not have to end in your interiors being ruined. Give yourself time in advance to prepare your car for your dog’s presence. This will help you limit the odds of a small mess leaving a lasting impression.

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