Pets Reduce Student Stress


This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Harry Southworth

How Owning a Dog or Cat Can Help to Reduce Students’ Stress

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Freshmen expect college to be the most exciting time of their lives. They are enthusiastic about all the fun they will
have and friendships they will make. They don’t realize that college is also very stressful.

Each course is more challenging than the previous one. Each class is more elaborate than the one before. Should we even mention assignments? It’s hard to keep up with the expectations. The financial strain adds to the levels of anxiety.

You already discovered the reality of being a student? Do you know what could help? Pets! It’s time to look into the animal stress relief principle. A dog or a cat can become your best buddy. You’ll have a friend when you need one. But you’ll get many other benefits, too.

How Dogs and Cats Reduce Students Stress

  1. Connecting with Animals Makes You HappyWhen you connect with any being, you get support. Maybe you’re not getting this from your roommate. They have their own issues to deal with. But the dog or cat will always be there. Believe it or not, they can sense when you need attention.

    Cambridge University has a program known as Pets as Therapy. During exam week, when stress levels go sky-high,the students can connect with cats, dogs, and guinea pigs. The animals distract students from stressful thoughts about deadlines and expectations. They make them happy.

    Just try it! When you feel really low, go to a friend who has a pet. Spend some time with them. It’s impossible not to cheer up when a cat demands belly rubs or a dog is acting silly.

    Photo By Pexels
  2. A Dog Encourages ExerciseIf you don’t walk the dog every single day, you’re in for a disaster. You’ll have a dog full of energy. Do you know what the outlet will be? Your home. The dog will destroy it. This doesn’t mean that having a dog is a bad thing. On the contrary – you get motivation to walk the pet every single day.

    Exercise is great for stress management. You already knew that, right? You get time off all responsibilities. Your body is getting fit, so your energy levels go up. In addition, you’ll meet other people with dogs, so you’ll become part of a certain community. You can connect with other people and have casual conversations about your pets.

    That’s a nice way to relax.

  3. You Learn How to CarePets are lovely. But they also impose responsibilities. If you’ve never owned a dog or cat before, you’re in for a surprise. You’ll discover you’re able to love and care in a completely new way. As an owner, you’re responsible for another being. When you realize that dogs fear thunderstorms, you’ll be looking for ways to make your dog more comfortable during such situations. If your cat gets sick, you’ll be worried.

    This is a good thing. You learn what responsibilities mean. You realize that at one point, it’s important to pick yourself up no matter how low you feel. Someone needs you. You’ll find the strength to be there for your pets, since they are always there for you.

  4. You Wont Be Lonely?You live alone because you couldn’t find a good roommate? That’s good. No one disturbs your focus when you read, study or write essays on favorite books. But you also get lonely. After few hours spent in your room, you get an urge to go out. So, you get carried away and stay out too late. The next day, you’re incapable to handle classes.

    Your pet will make you feel less lonely. You’ll still need to go out and meet friends. Of course, you’ll do that. But you also need alone time, so you can focus on your studies. The dog or cat will be a loyal friend. They won’t disturb your focus with conversations. But they will make you feel less lonely.

  5. They Are SillyCan you spend an hour with a dog or cat without bursting into laughter? If you can do that, you have an incredibly strong personality. Or you’re just grumpy. Let’s face it: the silliness of animals is the ultimate cure for stress. Just watching your cat sleep is funny. Or watching your dog sitting. You’ll laugh about most random things, and you’ll feel good about it.
  6. Pets Boost Your Self-EsteemThe pet makes you feel loved and needed. That alone makes you feel better about yourself. But they are also great conversation starters. While you walk your dog or take your cat out, you’ll meet people and they will be overwhelmed by the pet’s cuteness. You’ll easily talk about them, so you’ll relax while connecting with others.

Pets improve the owner’s self-esteem in different ways. When you train them well, you feel like you can control situations no matter how unexpected they get.

Get Your Pet!

Are you allowed to have a pet where you live? If the answer is yes , there’s no reason for delays. It doesn’t matter what pet you get. It may be a dog, cat, rabbit, or whatever else you prefer The important thing is that pets reduce stress and give you a lot more. They will give you all of themselves, every moment. That unconditional love will help you overcome any stressful situation in college.

Harry Southworth is a professional content writer and editor. He loves sharing his inspiring tips on how to care for pets. During his free time, you’ll find him playing with his two dogs or camping in the mountains.