Plan How Kids and Dogs Play

As parents, we may face a situation where we are bringing a newborn baby into our home with a dog already in residence. Or we may be thinking more about adopting a dog for our child. Either way, we need to be able to come up with a plan that keeps all parties, dogs and kids alike, safe and secure.

Adjusting Your Plan for Dogs and Kids as the Kids Age

And like the best laid plans, adjustments are always going to be needed. As your new baby moves through the stages of his life, you’ll need to rethink and readjust your plan for the child and the dog. Dogs and children both must have an area where they can be alone to rest.

Dogs and Storks – A Plan for a Newborn Child in a Home with Dogs

Jen Shryock is the founder of Dogs and Storks. Her organization has lots of suggestions for preparing your canine-occupied home for your new addition.

The Dog and Baby Connection – Redeveloping the Plan for Children and Dogs

Jen’s new project, The Dog and Baby Connection, launches this month and continues where the Dogs and Storks program leaves off. Specifically, it helps parents learn to deal with the practicalities of having a toddler in the house with a dog.

Keeping Dogs and Kids Safe Together – Questions and Answers

  • Do parents have to give up the dog? Is that really the best solution?
  • Is a puppy really the best choice in dogs for a home with a baby?
  • What is the best way to prepare your resident dog for a new child in your home?
  • How does a parent best prepare the house for the newcomer?
  • How does a parent set up dog-free and kid-free zones in their home?

Animal Cafe’s owner Eric Goebelbecker sat down this week for a very informative interview with Jen about keeping dogs and kids safe together. Here you’ll find the answers to these questions and more.

This article is posted with the permission of the Pet Health Care Gazette