Plott Hound

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Daisy.  A 5 year old Plott Hound from one of our visitors.

The Plott Hound has a personable nature that helps it to become a good family dog.  This hound is noted as being the hardiest of all coonhounds and is fearless on the hunt.  They demand a great amount of exercise and are not recommended for apartment life.  They prefer the outdoors to the indoors.  When outside they need to be confined to stop them from following new scents.  Once on the scent they pay very little attention to anything else.  Easy to groom but check ears on a regular basis.

(Note: The American Plott Association and the National Plott Hound Association are breed organizations that in April 2010 conducted Bear Baiting competitions in South carolina (read HSUS investigations reveals details of abusive ˜bear baiting™ competitions in South Carolina).  PGAA strongly opposes bear baiting and any other activity that causes harm to animals and supports attempts to change the South Carolina laws allowing such activity.)

Average Height(“‘s)
Average Weight (#’s)
Notes for owners
Short Minimal Not for apartments.  Love the outdoors.  Drool.

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