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Doggie Bug Out Bag


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It is that time of year, you should already have your Doggie Bug Out Bag ready to go.

Whether it is wildfires, a hurricane, floods, or other natural disasters. You need to leave quickly, it helps being ready in advance.

When you need to leave in a hurry it is just so much easier to grab a bag and go.

I have listed some items that should be in your Doggie Bug Out Bag. You may already have one ready, but it doesn’t hurt to check the list to see if there is anything missing.

One thing to remember; even though this is a chaotic time, try not to panic. Your pet will feel your anxiety. Keep as calm as possible and get ready to go.

Your dog can carry their own Bug Out Bag.

Check out the Mountainsmith Dog Pack it comes in three sizes for dogs 20 pounds to 120 pounds.

Available at Amazon (just click on the picture above)

This bag has had a tremendous amount of great reviews.

This will free up your bag for the family essentials.

Things to include in your Doggie Bug Out Bag:

  • Portable Collapsible Bowl (this can be purchased together with the dog pack, also available at Amazon)
  • Food – at least a 3 day supply
  • Water – at least a 3 day supply
  • Doggie Boots – depending on the conditions you may be required to walk through.
  • Any medication your dog may need
  • Collar and tag with their name, your name and phone number (microchip is even better). Not everyone will be able to check for the microchip so it’s best to have both.
  • Have a doggie first aid kit in case of cuts or stings.
  • Alcott Explorer 40-Piece First Aid Kit for Pets and People, Travel Size

This is a 40 piece kit that includes Hydrogen Peroxide and a Styptic Pencil.

  • Bring a long leash for when you need to tie him/her out. If you don’t have relatives near by you may need to camp out somewhere for a short time. You can also use this for regular walks. So no need to care two separate leashes
  • Pack a couple of their favorite toys, this will help lessen their anxiety.
  • Don’t forget to pack some treats too.

Now you will need to practice in advance with the Doggie Bug Out Bag, and the Dog Booties before an emergency hits. You need to get your dog use to these items or they just might be freaking out if the first time the wear them is in an emergency. Adjust over time and add items into the Doggie Bug Out Bag a little at a time so they get use to carrying weight. You can also expect that the first time they put on the booties you will see the Doggie leg shake “boogie”. These breathable booties are also good to use for walks on hot summer days so the pads of their feet don’t get blistered. They will eventually get use to it, just be patience and take time to train them to wear these.

These are the basics you will need in your Doggies Bug Out Bag.

I loved to hear what you have in your bag, and any other suggestions to make life a little less hectic when emergencies strike.

Until Next Time

Pawsitively Yours,

Suzanne Dean, ABCDT

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