Products For Pets


This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Kari Oakley

Photo by Pexels

The Right Products for your Pets

Your pets are a very important part of your family. You need to make sure that you are treating
them as though their health needs are important. This includes knowing which products to and
not to use around your pets. While your family might not have a problem with most products,
you can be sure that there are certain products that will be harmful to your pets. Once you know
which products you should and shouldn’t use around your pets, it will be a great idea to steer
clear of the harmful products that may be negatively affecting your animals.

Natural Cleaners: Should

When you have animals in your home, you need to make sure that you are cleaning with safe
cleaners. Your pets will eat just about anything that is on the ground. If you are using floor
cleaners that are harmful, it could really be harming to your pets. You need to make sure that
you are using natural cleaners around your home.

Harmful Chemical-Based Cleaners: Shouldn’t

This is the flipside of the first point. If you do use chemical-based cleaners they can really
negatively affect your pet.. This could mean problems for your furry friend. If you do have
powerful cleaners keep them out of the reach of your pet. Being curious, your pet may find a
way to get into it if they want to go exploring.

Another big thing that you should be careful with using around your furry friends are essential
oils. These can be really harmful to your friends as there little bodies are not designed the same
as humans. Take a look at doterra oils and see how essential oils should be used when dealing
with pets.

Power Tools and Other Loud Appliances: Shouldn’t

Have you ever tried to vacuum with a pet in the room? It can lead to your pet running away and
hiding under furniture for hours or your pet barking and getting upset that something loud is
making angry noises. Keep loud stuff away from your pets and use them when they are in
another room or outside.

Quiet Alternatives like Brooms and Mops: Should

You do not have to sacrifice having a clean house because you have a pet. Keep your quiet
cleaning supplies handy because you can always use them around your pets. Brooms are great
because you can sweep up your floors without having to turn on a machine. Rags and mops are
also a good alternative because they do not create a lot of noise that can startle or scare your

Dangerous and Restrictive Leashes: Shouldn’t

There are different products that can actually be harmful to your pets. Do your research before
you buy a product that can harm your pet. If you have old leashes that you do not use anymore,
be sure to get rid of them so they do not harm your new pets.

Harnesses and Supportive Dog Leads: Should

These products can be an absolute life saver. They make your life so much easier because you are able to steer your dog around which gives you a little more control if you have a bigger animal. They can also be a great resource for safety when you take them on a walk or have to go to the vet.

Once you learn about the pros and cons of certain products around your pets, you will have a
better idea of what to invest in product wise around your home. You will soon discover that your pets can be greatly impacted by the products you use around the home. It is a good idea to get into the habit of only buying products that are going to be safe for your pets. The more time you spend researching the dos and donuts of products for your pets, the easier it will be for you to choose the right products for your home.

Kari Oakley gained a love for fitness and animals as a young girl in Wisconsin. She spent each summer on some type of adventure, either a day at the lake with her family or just hiking with her friends. She took her love for fitness with her through college to get her degree in Kinesiology (Exercise Science). She has been working as a personal trainer/life coach in the Chicago area for the past 3 years. She has recently decided to share her passions with lower income schools in Chicago to help children develop a knowledge and love for fitness. When Kari started working with the kids in Chicago, she decided she wanted to share her knowledge and passion with as many people as possible. She has been freelance writing alongside ever since.