Protecting Your Pets from Heatstroke or Hypothermia

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Keeping Ambient Temperatures For Healthy Pets


Pet health is dependent on a variety of factors, food, drink, exercise and your love to name a few. You also need to ensure that they are provided with an ambient temperature to help make them flourish. Our infographic highlights the importance of your pet avoiding heatstroke during the summer and keeping sufficiently warm in the winter to prevent hypothermia.

Our infographic is a quick reference guide that will help you detect signs of heatstroke and hypothermia in your pet. It provides tips on preventative measures and what to do should you suspect your pet’s health is suffering due to extreme heat or cold.

You’ll find that with our guide you’ll be able to keep your pet healthy during the hottest of summers and the coldest of winters. It’s a handy reference guide that will help your pet stay close by your side in what could amount to life and death situations. If you are concerned about your pet’s health at any time it’s wise to act fast and call a vet for further advice.

Cool Cats and Hot Dogs by Cast Iron Radiators 4u
Cool Cats and Hot Dogs by Cast Iron Radiators 4u.