Puppy Potty Training 101



This inforgraphic was provided to Pet Guardian Angels of America by Alexandra Seagal

You’ve picked out your new puppy, and you’re ready to bring her home. Potty training is at the top of your list of goals to accomplish with your new companion. But where do you begin?

Housetraining a puppy is a common challenge that many dog owners face. Unfortunately, potty training failure is one reason that some dogs are surrendered to shelters. While patience and consistency are key to achieving this goal, some basic ground rules can help, too.

There are four core principles to housetraining your puppy, and once you make them part of a daily routine, your dog will quickly adapt to it:

  • Schedule
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Supervision
  • Never punish

Use this handy guide and infographic provided by Animalso.com to make this easy four-step process a realistic plan for you and your new puppy. With patience, consistency, love, and this guide, you can potty train your puppy in no time at all!

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