Puppy Training Week 3


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Basic Puppy Training – Command, “Stand”


September 2, 2014 By TheDogTrainingLady Leave a Comment


We are now at the half way mark of Basic Puppy Training. I hope all is going well. Remember if you have any questions, please send me an email, or leave a comment. I am happy to help.

This week I would like to work on two more basic commands. These are, Stand, and Leave It.

Basis Puppy Training – Command, “Stand”

Now you may be wondering why would you want to teach a puppy to stand. As the three positions a puppy is usually in is sit, stand, or lying down.

The stand command comes in handy when you are at the vet or the groomer. It is very helpful if you can get your puppy to do stand on command.

At the vet’s office the first thing you notice, is generally a scared puppy, as this is still new to him. So it is best to teach this command, while he or she is still in the comfort of his or her own home.

Teaching a puppy to stand is in someway similar to teaching them to sit. Except this time, we will start from the sitting position.

This will also help you practice the previous weeks command.

So let’s dig into this command.

First get your puppy into a sit position. Reward him with the treat for obeying the sit command. Remember depending on the size of the puppy you are dealing with, you will want to be kneeling if he is small, but do not tower over your puppy, this will make them anxious.

While your pup is in the sitting position, place the treat between your index and forefinger, and place in front of is nose, at a distance that does not allow him to grab it, but close enough to engage his or her sense of smell.

Now pull the treat slowly, in a straight motion, away from his nose. As you do this he will stand up to follow the treat. The moment he is up on all fours, say the word stand, treat, and praise him.

It is just that easy. Sit position, place treat in front of his nose, and pull in straight away motion from your puppies nose. Now, do be patient, he is use to the sit command, and this is a little different. But learning the stand command is convenient for many reasons.

Whether you are at the vets, the groomers, or giving him or her a bath, learning to stand on command will help you and your puppy have a much easier time of things.

Basic Puppy Training – Command, “Leave It”

Leave it can and will be a life saving command. This is one you want to practice on a very regular basis, and make sure that your pet understands, and will obey this command. When you start the training, it is done with harmless items, but learning to obey this command is essential.

Let me tell you a little story of what happened to me, and you will understand why this is so important, and why I was so glad that I had my dogs trained in this command.

One night cooking dinner, I happened to be making spaghetti, forgive me, but I am one of those jar spaghetti sauce people, and do not make my own sauce. Just as I was about to heat up the sauce, the whole jar slipped out of my hands, and shattered all over the kitchen floor. Well, when my dogs hear anything hit the floor they come running. There to greet them were tasty shards of glass everywhere. I quickly gave a firm leave it command, and they stopped in their tracks. Thank goodness, or this could have ended up as a trip to the emergency vet clinic.

Whether it is glass covered in tasty stuff, or you drop your medications on the floor. Puppies and dogs are the automatic vacuum of the home. There are many things that we do not want our puppies to ingest, and the situation that happened to me explains, just how important it is for your puppy to learn this command.

This command can also be used while you are on a walk with your puppy. I happen to live in the suburban/country type area, and road kill is a common site. I am sure, you are well aware this is the first thing a puppy or dog will go towards. The awful smell just seems to attract them. Using the leave it command, is useful in this situation, and actually any situation you can think off, in which you want to stop your puppy from getting into.

To teach the “leave it” command again will depend on the size of the puppy you are dealing with. This command will involve some type of body block on your part. I will explain that in just a moment.

Have 2 treats available, your puppy does not necessarily need to know the first one is a treat, his nose will tell him that.

Drop the treat slightly behind you, as your puppy starts to go for the treat, firmly say leave it, and if you have a small dog place your foot between your puppy, and the treat he or she is going after. What you are looking for him to do is stop and back away. Now at first he may be a bit confused. After all, that’s a dog treat, what the heck. If you have a larger puppy this may require a full body block, instead of just placing your foot between the puppy and the treat you actually put your whole body between the two and step into your puppies oncoming path.

When he backs away, this is what we want right now, treat, and praise him. Never give him the treat that was on the floor, always give him a treat from you hand, and pick up the one that was on the floor. You can recycle this treat; just don’t let him or her see that.

Remember, if you have a small dog you should just be able to put one foot between the item and your puppy. Larger puppies may require a full body to get in the way. Be patient and take your time. Ultimately we want your puppy to back away and sit. For right now just getting him to back away from the bad thing is what we need.

Take baby steps, be patient, and don’t practice for too long. Training just takes a few minutes here, and a few minutes there. You will be surprise at just how quickly your puppy learns.

As I mentioned last week, if there is another person in the household, have them reinforce last week’s commands, while you work on this weeks commands. You both need to keep training sessions short. This will help your pup learn to obey commands from more than one person in the house. If you are fortunate enough to have three people to participate in the training, now would be the time to get the third person involved, and have them train week one, person number two to train on week two, and you work on this weeks commands.

Remember, we are learning Basic Puppy Training Commands during these training sessions. This is just getting started, so they learn command words, they understand who the leader, and trainer is. And if you involve more people in the Basic Puppy Training, the more likely your puppy will learn to listen to the members of your household.

I hope that I have been able to explain these commands clearly enough for you to understand them, and that you are able to implement this training with your puppy. If you have any questions, please email me or leave a comment. I wish you the best of luck, keep up the good work, and I will see you next week for week four of basic puppy training.

Till next time

Pawsitively Yours

Suzanne Dean, ABCDT

The Dog Training Lady

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