Puppy Training Week 6

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Puppy Training Class Week 6 Final – Graduation


Teaching Puppy Training Classes with you has been fun, but we have come to the Puppy Training Class Week 6 final installment and graduation.

We have learned many basic commands to get your puppy started on the right paw, and I certainly hope this has been helpful to you.

I would like to take this time to review the commands that we have learned:

Week One included, the “Puppy Name Game” and learning to “Come”.

Week Two we learned the “Sit”, and “Stay Command”.

Week Three the commands we learned were “Stand”, and “Leave It”.

Week Four we focused on “Watch Me”, and “Down”.

Week Five was “Four on The Floor” and “Loose Leash Walking”

As we have the puppy training basics down. We will have a treat for the final week.

If you were attending a group puppy training class, this would be considered graduation day. I hope that you have been working with your puppy, and the training is improving, if so I congratulate you as it takes time, and perseverance to accomplish the puppy training basics.

By no means is training complete with your dog. Training your puppy and dog is a lifelong commitment, but it becomes more of a habit, than training, by now you are using the commands regularly, and this is reinforcing the commands.

You may want to move onto agility training, good canine citizen training, or possible therapy dog training. There are so many levels you can take your training to, if you would like.

You may have a show dog that you would like to train for show competitions. Puppy and dog training possibilities are endless.

There is always more to learn. All the basics that you have learned still need to be done in different location with increasing distractions. This is the only way you can be sure that your puppy will obey your commands at all times. I encourage you to take a group class, and show off your smart little puppy. A group class will also help with your puppy’s socialization skills, if you are not already enrolled in a puppy kindergarten class for socializing.

So with all that said let’s get onto this week’s fun. I guarantee these are easy and fun.

In this final puppy training class, we will end with:

Body handling, and Roll over

These two training techniques, one being very important, and one being the beginning of fun tricks your puppy can do.

Why Body Handling?

Body handling is important so your puppy gets used to being touched for the purposes of grooming, the vet, nail trimming, teeth brushing, yes you need to brush their teeth, and the sooner you start the better. This is not about picking up your dog; it is about touching various places on their body that would happen on a regular basis, like the groomers or the vet.

If at any time your puppy should react aggressively towards a simple touch somewhere on his or her body you need to call your vet and see if a visit is warranted.

Teaching this is extremely simple.

Just simply touch their nose, say good, and treat. Touch the tummy say good, and treat. You continue to do this with their tail, paws, mouth, teeth, etc.

You just want to do this for a short time otherwise; it would be like someone constantly touching you. Now I don’t care if you give me a cookie each time, you keep touching me eventually I’m going to get annoyed and I’m pretty sure you would to.

It is important that your puppy learns to be handled and, once again, if you have others in the home keep rotating the training and eventually everyone in the house will get to body handling.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff.

Puppy Training Classes – Roll Over

Roll over

Start with your puppy in the down position, which we reviewed in week 4, so you have had plenty of time to work on this already.

Place a premium, and a larger than the pea size treats we have been using throughout training on the puppy’s nose to lure him or her around toward his or her side and hip (either side, or try both, some puppies prefer one way to another).

Go slowly, and start over if your puppy’s head moves away.

Be patient, this is a new trick your puppy is learning so it will take a little time. It may take several days, as dogs don’t normally like to be on their backs.

Continue to lure over his or her hip, so the weight shifts to the other hip, and the puppy flops on his or her side, and then back.

Sometimes you may need to treat here. Then use a new treat to rotate the puppy’s head to the other

side, so he or she leans onto the other hip, and then sits upright, they may just lie down as opposed to sitting upright, and that’s okay.

Treat immediately as your pup flops on his or her opposite side, and again when she is upright or in the down position.

As these instructions can seem to be a little complicated when you are just reading them, I found a great YouTube video from the AKC that will show you the exact steps. This video will help you tremendously.

Well I have really enjoyed this, please if you have any questions contact me at info@thedogtraininglady.com

It has been a great six weeks, (sniff, sniff), I’ll miss class with you, but it’s been a great time! I wish you all the best with your puppy, and your continued training.

If you have other suggestions, or ideas that you would like to learn about, please drop me a line, and I will be happy to put something together for you.

Until Next Time

Pawsitively Yours,

Suzanne Dean, ABCDT




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