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Five Tips For Easier Vet Visits

A trip to the vet can be difficult for a puppy. This is a new experience and can cause your puppy to be anxious. I have some tips that I hope will help make for easier vet visits for you, and your best buddy.

There are several sights, scenes, scents, and various other experiences that can agitate your pet to the point that controlling him or her may become a little difficult. Multiply your puppy’s anxiety by 10 or even more pets, in a hectic waiting space, and a mass riot could possibly be the result. Exactly what can you do to make the trip much less difficult on your pup, you, your vet, as well as the staff?

First, make sure your puppy is on a leash with a proper collar that they cannot easily slip out of. Use a body halter, so if your puppy begins to pull, this will not put additional strain on his throat. A pet carrier is suitable for little pets as this gives them a measure of safety and security, as they have their own personal area, and it offers them defense from bigger or threatening pets that may be in the waiting area. For larger pets, a pet carrier may not be an option. A much shorter leash or halter is best in this circumstance as it gives you more control, and also avoids tangling with other pets or furniture. Leashes likewise provide a handhold for instances where aggressive habits among pets could potentially get out of control.

Second, numerous vet offices now request you to muzzle your pet. Giving your pet the chance to train with this gadget before bringing him into an unfamiliar environment is a definite must. You can otherwise expect extreme anxiety from your pup. Having to deal with a new restraining device (the muzzle), and now he or she is gong to a place that has so many things going on, this is just a recipe for sensory overload. By training with the muzzle prior to your vet visit, in a non-threatening environment can make the office trip go much easier.

Third, unless your veterinarian has requested your canine have no food or water for certain testing procedures, or if they do not allow food in the waiting room, feel free to bring along a treat for your animal. This will give you the chance to treat him for good behavior, and use this opportunity as a training lesson while hanging around for your dog to be called back to the examination area.

Fourth, review all your pet’s medical documents and make sure your bring them with you. I have one of those small plastic expandable folders that I keep all their records in. This is also handy if you have more than one pet. These expandable folders have a slot available for each pet’s records. Make a note if your pet hypersensitive to anything. Is he or she up to date on vaccinations? Do you know his or her date of birth? Has your animal had any sort of surgical treatments, significant diseases or parasites? You really want to keep track of all these things; certain things can be life-endangering issues. This is similar to knowing if you are allergic to penicillin, pets may have issues that the vet needs to know, that may change the way they have to treat them for specific ailments. Get on a regular schedule with the vet, so your puppy is always current on his or her shots. Why put your pet in danger, losing your precious buddy to some disease that is virtually non-existent over a measly couple of bucks? Plus, going to the vet frequently will aid your companion to become a lot more relaxed with the office setups, and they will respond much better, with each visit. If this is your first visit to the vet, this is the perfect time to start that folder, and ask questions about allergies, and things you should be on the look out for that may be particular to your breed of dog.

Fifth and final tip, allow for socializing events. Socializing your pet with people and also pets prior to a veterinarian visit is a fantastic idea, given they are present on their shots. This permits them to learn appropriate behavior around various other animals, and what the boundaries of interaction are. Holding a puppy party is a wonderful way to do this. Welcome numerous other dog owners over to visit and bring their pups, as well as having a potluck type party for both people and pets. Motivate the puppies to play and also interact with each other, and also with the other owners. This will help them to discover what is, and is not acceptable, as well as assists you in determining areas you may need to work on with appropriate training.

Following these pointers can make veterinarian check ups much less distressing on all of you, as well as making it a much an easier trip to deal with. You will thank yourself later. Your animal will certainly thank you, and so will the personnel at the veterinarian’s office.

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