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Should You Get A Rabbit Hutch Or A Rabbit Cage For Your Pet Rabbit


By Jamie Hanson


Pets are the most valuable ownership as they are your loyal friends always. When you think about pets, you have a number of attractive animals to select from like dog, cat, snake, parrot, monkey, chimp, goat, rabbit and many animals you can really think of. But simply possessing a pet doesn’t mean that you have no responsibility towards that animal, in reality your pet needs a lot of care and affection so that it grows and stays healthy. Different pets require different habitats and as rabbit is a very timid and tender animal it adjusts itself to a very peaceful surrounding. So you need toplan sensibly whether you should get a Rabbit Hutch or a Rabbit Cage for Your Pet Rabbit.

Your pet rabbit should be secured from wild rabbits and infections that may be reached by wild rabbits, so before you buy a pet rabbit and a living place like a rabbit hutch or rabbit cage, please ensure that your pet rabbit is not for your enjoyment or style, it is your genuine love that nurtures the animal.

Rabbit Hutch: Rabbit Hutch is the most excellent option if you wish to keep your pet outside your house, in your lawn or verandah. You can either construct your own rabbit hutch or can buy a premade one and in both the cases you require to think about particular things like: Rabbit Hutch should be lifted above the ground and the roof top should be waterproof to protect your tender pet rabbit from severe climatic situations. You will find a huge range of Rabbit Hutches available in the market that are particularly designed for your bunny rabbit. Custom-wise, rabbit hutches are made of plywood, a box measuring a minimum of 4 feet by 2 feet. Usually, rabbit hutch is used to keep your pet rabbit outside your house or you can also keep it indoors if you have sufficient space in your home.

Rabbit Cage: Rabbit cage is perfect if you wish to keep your pet rabbit in your home. It’s an amazing companion to have it in your house. Your bunny rabbit will feel quite relaxed in your home to run in and out as these animals, by nature, love space of secure cover. You will find a variety of rabbit cages available in the market, so select one that is big enough but not with wired flooring as your pet rabbit will feel quite prickly in it. If your rabbit is going to remain for long hours in its cage, select a rabbit cage that is four times the size of your rabbit. Ideally, you will require 38″ x 24″ cage for a tiny bunny rabbit around less than eight pounds. And for a bigger bunny you will require a rabbit cage of at least 30″ x 36″, so that your pet rabbit can sit up erect without its ears touching the roof top. Try and pick a rabbit cage which doesn’t have wire flooring or if your rabbit cage has a wire flooring you can conceal it with wood sheet or can give matting so that your pet rabbit feels relaxed.

Whether you buy a rabbit hutch or a rabbit cage, you should ensure your pet’s safety and convenience. Avoid rabbit hutch or cage with wired floorings, pointed edges or tiny sizes. The dry hay bedding with broad exit of rabbit hutch or cage is perfect for your bunny rabbit to live happily. If you have a baby rabbit, always bear in mind that your baby rabbit will grow into healthy adult rabbit, so its home should be big enough to accommodate adult rabbit conveniently. Let your pet rabbit enjoy its stay with you and live a healthy and secure life.

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