Saint Bernard – A Big Dog That Likes the Sofa



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Saint Bernard The Couch Potato


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Are you a couch potato? Then when selecting a dog you want one that will match your personality. The Saint Bernard is a Couch Potato Dog.

Saint Bernard Puppy

Unbelievably, a Saint Bernard is a couch potato dog. You would think that this large pooch would need a lot of exercise and room. This breed would be happy just to lie on your lap and enjoy your company.

These are not good dogs for first time owners. They take well to training, but need someone who is a pack leader as Saint Bernard’s can have a dominant personality and are independent thinkers.

Now here’s something that might surprise you, they make great dogs for apartment dwellers. You may think their size would need a large amount of space but you would be wrong.

The Saint Bernard does not like to be left alone, so be sure to take that into consideration. If someone is at home most of the day, they’ll be fine.

Of course, they do well in cold weather, but not so much in hot weather.

This is not a good dog for a home with cats. They love to chase things that whiz by them.

They do have a tendency to chew a lot, so you need to nip this in the bud when they are puppies. Be sure to have plenty of chew toys on hand and redirect any chewing on the wrong items to the chew toys that you have provided for them. Definitely, put you shoes in the closet and close the door.

They don’t tend to wander off as they love being with their family.

When it comes to kids; very little children can easily be knocked over by this breed. Saint Bernard’s don’t like running and screaming, so take this into consideration.

They will need some exercise or they will have unhealthy weight gain.

The Saint Bernard is a gentle giant that can grow to 120 to 180 pounds, and has been known to get as large as 280 pounds. Their life span is generally 8 to 10 years.

They can be prone to bone cancer and serious bone deterioration; this is due to their quick growth rate. Before you decide on any dog breed, it is always good to check with a vet to plan for medical expenses that may relate to a breeds genetic medical issue.

The Saint Bernard is a quiet indoor dog, which enjoys human companionship.

Whenever you are selecting a dog, always consider your lifestyle and find a dog that will match your life. Do some research before adoption any dog. This will help make for a wonderful and loving relationship when your dog’s personality matches yours.

Photo courtesy of: St Bernard Dog 001? by Cassie J – originally posted to Flickr as Harley-parents’ dog. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia

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