Saving Parrots and Finding Them New Homes in California



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Lily Sanctuary: These Heroes Find Homes for Rescue Parrots


Dan and Venette Hill sure have their hearts in the right place. Inspired by a longtime passion for parrots, this husband and wife team created a bird sanctuary in their own home called Lily Sanctuary. A safe haven for parrots in need, this California-based sanctuary became a registered non-profit a little over a decade ago. They now care for hundreds of parrots each year, determined to help them heal and find new loving homes.

Parrots usually find their way to the safe haven of Lily Sanctuary when their owners are no longer able to take care of them. Whether it be the owner’s death, illness, or a change in lifestyle, the Hills understand that giving up a bird is challenging for all involved. “Under the best of circumstances, it is a heartbreaking decision that can cause a beloved avian companion to face an uncertain future.”

Lily Sanctuary often receives parrots that have suffered serious health issues or experienced traumas like neglect and abuse. It’s clear from the video below that some of the birds have definitely had a rough life — one is missing a foot and another is nearly featherless. Dan and Venette are devoted to giving these parrots a loving home, regardless of time commitment: parrots with special needs typically stay at Lily Sanctuary for the rest of their lives, while other birds stay while they are recovering or until they’re adopted by a responsible family.

This sanctuary is a true labor of love. Between local volunteers and community donations, the organization manages to stay afloat with its bird-loving supporters. Daily on-site volunteers help by cleaning cages and putting out seeds while Venette chops up vegetables to feed the birds. And after the hard work is done, it’s time for fun! Everyone goes outside to spend some quality time playing with the parrots.

It’s this heartfelt, in-home environment that makes Lily Sanctuary so valuable. These everyday activities help the parrots experience a sense of normalcy and offer a smoother adjustment period if they are adopted into a new family. At the end of they day, the folks at Lily Sanctuary embrace the parrots as family members, proudly emphasizing, “We are not a shelter, we are truly a home.”

By Kimberly Bryant

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