Scottish Deerhound

Sight Hound

Rory, Caitlyn and the Kids and Tessa’s birthday from Chartwell Scottish Deerhounds

The Scottish Deerhound is one of the tallest breeds of dogs, probably “neck and neck” with the Irish Wolfhound.  Because of its size, exercise requirements and consumption of food it may not be the best dog for all families.  If you can deal with all of these then you will have a wonderful and loyal companion.  They get along great with children, friends, neighbors, strangers and the Fuller Brush salesmen.  In other words an exceptional and inviting host.  It will get along with other dogs but will probably see non-canine household pets as “game”.  It is best suited to live where it can run.  Be careful when walking/jogging because it believes cars are also game.  Its wiry coat will need a good deal of attention.

Average Height(“‘s)
Average Weight (#’s)
Notes for owners
Wiry Major Not for apartments.  LOTS of exercise.  Great with children.

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We STRONGLY recommend that you get your dog from a respectable breeder or rescue organization.  Pet store puppies may get their dogs from Puppy Mills that normally breed only for profit, not quality or concern for the puppy or its eventual owner.
If you would like help locating a breeder or rescue agency near you please E-Mail PGAA (, and let us know your city/state and the type of dog you are looking for.  Do not assume that PGAA has qualified all of the breeders or rescues on this site.  Do your own check of each breeder or rescue — be sure that you are comfortable with the organization before you buy, adopt or turn-over a dog.